Step 4 on Scanning of International Mail Pieces

The issue in this grievance concerned carriers being required to scan ALL International Mail Pieces. This IS the current direction from USPS, but the carriers in this case were only required to scan those pieces beginning with C, R, A, V, E or L during their previous mail count. The “scan all directive” was reversed in this office until the next mail count. The settlement agreement clarifies that rural carriers are to scan all international pieces and follow the prompts from the scanner. Mail count credit will depend on the handing prompted. (i.e.: scan credit or accountable credit for items requiring signature.)

After reviewing this matter, we mutually agree that no national interpretive issue is fairly presented in this case. In accordance with Handbook PO-610, Signature Capture and Electronic Record Management: Manager’s Guide to Standard Operating Procedures, Section 2-10, rural carriers must scan all incoming international mail pieces that contain a barcode. If a mail piece has an unrecognized barcode, the scanner will present a prompt and the carrier will select international to continue the scanning process.


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