Step 4 – Separation of Collection Mail

The issue in this grievance concerns the proper handling and disposition of mail collected/accepted on a rural route. Specifically, the issues in the case involved the proper credit for collection mail during mail count when management requires the carriers to make more than two separations, and a management directive that the first two separations should be performed on the street. The settlement is a reaffirmation of the parties previous understandings and includes a reference to Section 42 of the PO-603 which CLEARLY places the disposition of mail collected/accepted on the route into the category of “Office Work After Return From Route.” The grievance is settled as follows:

After reviewing this matter, the parties mutually agreed no national interpretive issue is fairly presented in this case. The parties agree that when rural carriers are required to separate mail collected/accepted on the route into more than two separations, actual time in Column 17, Other Suitable Allowance, will be provided. This work should be performed consistent with Section 42 of Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities.


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