Step 4 Settlement on Retrieval of Accountable Mail in the Morning During a Mail Count

This case involves management not crediting additional time for carriers to retrieve accountable mail in the AM during a mail count when the accountable cage or location to retrieve accountable mail is not “near” the carriers case. The parties agree that the word “near” as stated in Handbook M-38, Management of Rural Delivery, Section 333.22, is the equivalent of “close Proximity”. Close proximity was previously defined as fifty (50) feet (round trip) in the afternoon when being cleared, in case # D95R-4D-C 01037982 (QRG-M-57). The parties agree that during a mail count, if the accountable cage (or location where the accountable mail is obtained) is not within 50 feet (round trip), the route will be provided additional credit in Column 17 for only the distance beyond the 50 feet.


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