Step 4 – Unloading-Time to Retrieve Conveyance

The issue in this grievance concerns whether rural carriers should receive additional credit during a mail count for obtaining equipment to unload the vehicle.

The parties have defined unloading as the time associated with the removal of empty equipment, supplies and mail from the vehicle upon returning to the office, entering the building and returning the equipment and supplies to the designated location.

During a mail count, when more than one trip is necessary to unload the vehicle, the time to obtain a conveyance may be approved by local management. The distance beyond 50 feet will be credited at .00429 minutes per foot and recorded in Column 17, Other Suitable Allowance. The measurement will be from where the carrier unloads the vehicle to the location where the conveyance is retrieved (roundtrip).


Click here to view the Step 4 grievance settlement letter.

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You can’t remove the equipment from the vehicle without FIRST going and getting conveyance equipment-that is the time that is missing-..what am I missing????????!?

I agree!!!