September Mail Count

The deadline for the USPS to notify the NRLCA of their intention to exercise their right under Article 9.2.C.3.a to count all rural routes the last 12 working days in September has expired. The only routes that will be counted during this time period will be those that fall under the Special Count provisions in … Read more

Step 4 – Separation of Collection Mail

The issue in this grievance concerns the proper handling and disposition of mail collected/accepted on a rural route. Specifically, the issues in the case involved the proper credit for collection mail during mail count when management requires the carriers to make more than two separations, and a management directive that the first two separations should … Read more

Step 4 – Unloading-Time to Retrieve Conveyance

The issue in this grievance concerns whether rural carriers should receive additional credit during a mail count for obtaining equipment to unload the vehicle. The parties have defined unloading as the time associated with the removal of empty equipment, supplies and mail from the vehicle upon returning to the office, entering the building and returning … Read more

NRLCA – Special Mail Count

At the 2019 National Convention PMG Megan Brennan announced that there will be no Nationally called Mail Count for all rural routes the last two (2) weeks in September. The only routes that will be counted will be those that fall under the Special Count provisions in Article 9.2.C.11.a. “Special counts are conducted under the … Read more

PMG Megan Brennan announces no National mail count in September.

PMG just announced at the National convention that there will be NO National mail count.   Only those routes that fall under the special count criteria below will be counted in September 2019. Under Special Mail Count requirements, there are only 2 situations that would qualify a route to be counted. 1.  When circumstances have … Read more

Step 4 on Scanning of International Mail Pieces

The issue in this grievance concerned carriers being required to scan ALL International Mail Pieces. This IS the current direction from USPS, but the carriers in this case were only required to scan those pieces beginning with C, R, A, V, E or L during their previous mail count. The “scan all directive” was reversed … Read more

Step 4 on Management Accompanying Carrier on Route Inspection

The issue in this grievance concerns whether the postmaster or designee must be accompanied by the rural carrier assigned to the route during a route inspection. After reviewing this matter, we mutually agree that no national interpretive issue is fairly presented in this case. Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities, Section 52, defines the … Read more

Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Amazon Parcel Lockers (APL) and the Upcoming February/March 2018 Mail Count

This case involves management refusing to compensate carriers when servicing newly established Amazon Parcel Lockers. The parties agree that the actual street addresses associated with APLs must be served by a rural route. During a mail count, in addition to the normal mail volume credit, credit will be provided as follows: Column 17, Other Suitable Allowance, … Read more

Mail Count Credit for International Scans

The attachments address the Postal Services position on scanning International Scans. The NRLCA received several calls related to instructions by management to not scan certain International pieces of mail depending on the letter the scan started with. Postal Headquarters has sent email messages out to the field that supports the position on the two attachments … Read more

Did you know that 1 min during a mail count can be worth $2190.00

Did you know Thats right… If you are close to moving into the next hour of evaluation, overlooking something small could mean a $2190.00 mistake Just as an example: A 40k Step 12 route’s salary is $58,455.00 A 41k Step 12 route’s salary is $60,645.00 That is a $2190.00 difference. Just look at some things … Read more

September Mail Count… Who and When and Why?

September mail counts have always been confusing.  Sometimes we all count, sometimes we don’t..  So, hopefully this will help clear things up a bit in regard to September mail counts. The most important thing to know is there is ALWAYS a mail count in September.  ALWAYS….  The only question is WHO will be counting.. September … Read more