pay update

Salary schedule effective March 4, 2017 (PP 06-2017)

This schedule reflects a $333 cost of living adjustment effective March 4, 2017 (PP 06-2017). The second COLA adjustment of the 2015-2018 National Agreement will result in a $333 increase for eligible rural carriers. This COLA adjustment will be effective…

November 2016 Rural Carrier Pay Schedules

Salary schedule effective November 26, 2016 (PP 25-2016) From the 2015-2018 National Contract – Article 9.1.2 2. Effective November 26, 2016 The basic annual salary for each step shall be increased by an amount equal to 1.3% of the appropriate…

New Rural Carrier Pay Schedules

New Rural Carrier pay schedules effective March 5, 2016 Download NEW pay schedules – 03-05-2016 (PP06-2016) Pay Schedules  

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