SWAC, RRECS and the Mini Mail Survey

The Southwest Area Conference (SWAC) was held in Dallas TX from January 13th – January 16th, 2023.   Rural carriers from the Southwest Area assemble at a SWAC every year in January. Below are highlights of information I’ve received by rural carriers that were present. Remember, Ruralinfo.net is not affiliated in any way with the NRLCA … Read more

RRECS Mini Mail Survey to Be Held February 25-March 10

The first RRECS Mini Mail Survey will take place beginning February 25 and will run through March 10, 2023. The Mini Mail Survey is only documenting four (4) items and comprises approximately six (6) percent of your route’s evaluation. The other 94 percent is based on the data accumulated all year long through technology (your … Read more

Step 4 on 6 to 9 parcel delivery program

In dispute is the Postal Services action to circumvent mail, specifically parcels, in the 6 to 9 Play program. This action is in violation of, but not limited to, Article 5 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the Final Determination, Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS), Submitted to USPS and NLRCA by: Dr. Louis Martin-Vega, … Read more

2018 Engineer’s Final Report on RRECS obtained through FOIA

This was obtained using the FOIA through the USPS.  It has a lot of info redacted.  Below is an overview of what is in the report by C$$ on my Rural Mail Talk forum.  Some of C$$’s comments are also included..  If you want to see the original posting or join the conversation go to … Read more

RRECS Implementation Postponed

Today, the NRLCA and the Postal Service agreed to postpone the implementation of the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System. The Mini Mail Survey scheduled to begin September 10, 2022 has been cancelled. The reason for the postponement is simple. The Postal Service has failed to provide this Union will the data necessary to validate the … Read more

NRLCA – RRECS Mini Mail Survey 2022

The RRECS Mini Mail Survey is to be conducted from September 10-23, 2022. Only Random Letters and Flats, Walking Distances, PARS Labels and recurring Miscellaneous Activity not captured by the automated standards, will be measured or counted. Click here for more information and links to useful resources. Mini Mail Survey Presentation NRLCA Mini Mail Survey … Read more

MOU Signed on Rural Route Territorial Adjustments

On August 1, 2022, the USPS and NRLCA signed an MOU on Rural Route Territorial Adjustments. The parties recognize that there is potential impact to rural route evaluations resulting from the implementation of the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS). To limit this impact and ensure that routes are evaluated accurately during the first year … Read more

RRECS Activity Scans: Update/Clarification on 2nd Trips/Loading Scans

Effective immediately, when carriers are performing 2nd  trips, they must also utilize the Hotkey 6 STARTLOADVEH and Hotkey 7 ENDLOADVEH to capture the load time associated with the 2nd  trip.  This will ensure proper compensation when RRECS is implemented.  In addition, 2nd trips are to continue to be compensated per Handbook F-21 563 and documented on the PS … Read more


The NRLCA has officially requested that the Postal Service temporarily postpone the data collection period for the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS). Collection of data began on April 23, 2022; however, the NRLCA has identified many critical issues that must be resolved before the system can go “live.” We have apprised the Postal Service … Read more


The document below outlines the recent MDD update (version 7.53) which allows carriers to enter Zero parcels picked up at a Carrier Pickup Request location and also to enter a CARRIERPU when none of the parcels collected has a barcode.