Rural Carrier acts on concern for unseen customer

Rural Carrier Slobodanka Cadenovic was recently making deliveries in Williamstown, NJ, when she grew concerned that mail was piling up at the home of a customer who normally retrieved it daily. Cadenovic knocked on the customer’s front door but got no answer, so she checked with a neighbor — who had seen no sign of … Read more

Rural carrier saves stranded customer’s life

Covington, WA, Rural Carrier Zenaida Purganan was making deliveries in the neighboring city of Kent last Christmas Eve when she heard a customer yelling for help inside a residence. The woman indicated she’d fallen in her shower and couldn’t get up, so Purganan immediately called 911 and remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived. … Read more

Customer sings rural carrier’s praises for post-fall help

Rural Carrier Arthur Corey had just delivered a package to a residence in Green Bay, WI, one day last year when he spotted something amiss as he drove away. Customer Pat Van Dyke slipped as she went to retrieve the package, and Corey saw her through a storm door, sprawled out on the floor. Corey … Read more

Rural Carrier Associate doesn’t hesitate to help customer in distress

Rural Carrier Associate Hannah Parks was delivering packages to a residence in Payette, ID, one day last winter when she saw an alarming sight through the window beside the front door: A woman was sprawled out motionless on the floor in her kitchen. The customer roused when Parks knocked on the glass, but she was … Read more

Teen stuck outside gets clothes, more from rural carrier

Rural Carrier Patricia Stephens was delivering mail one day last winter in Lake George, NY, when a 13-year-old girl approached her for help. The barefoot teen — clothed only in shorts and a T-shirt in temperatures below freezing — was home alone and had locked herself out of her house over an hour beforehand. Stephens … Read more

Employee responds to customer’s signs of stroke

Rural Carrier Lisa Moule was recently making a Priority Mail Express delivery in Medina, NY, when she grew worried about the recipient. The customer — an older woman Moule had spoken to regularly for years — seemed disoriented and couldn’t remember her own name. Moule immediately called 911 and stayed with the woman until paramedics … Read more

Customer overwhelmed with gratitude for employee’s help

Columbus, OH, Rural Carrier Jodie Craft was delivering mail one day last fall in nearby Galloway when she spotted a customer, James Mentel, who’d fallen in his driveway while raking and blowing leaves. Craft rushed to check on Mentel, who had been stranded for over an hour. The Postal Service employee immediately called 911, covered … Read more

Rural Carrier praised for saving customer’s life

Rural Carrier Jennifer Shumway was recently making deliveries in a Sarasota, FL, housing development when she grew worried about a customer whose mail was piling up. Shumway knocked on the woman’s front door and got no answer, so she alerted a property manager, who called 911. Emergency responders discovered that the woman had been stranded … Read more

RCA provides help at accident scene

Two postal employees in the Garden State provided assistance on the scene of a two-vehicle accident last December involving a USPS highway contract route driver. Rosenhayn, NJ, Retail Associate Hope Crumb was on her way home from work when she witnessed the accident. She stopped, called 911 and rendered aid to the contractor, who escaped … Read more

Rural Carrier aids terminally ill customer who fell

Rural Carrier Associate Jessica Duez was delivering a package one day last summer to a Gibsonburg, OH, customer she saw standing outside near his garage. As Duez approached the man, he collapsed and struck his head on the driveway. The Postal Service employee rushed to check on the customer, who was having a seizure, and … Read more

Rural Carrier rescues customer stranded outside

Jeffersonville, GA, Rural Carrier John Newby was delivering mail one day last December when he heard someone yelling for help. Newby soon spotted a customer who had been stranded for two hours on a second-floor balcony at her home. The woman, who had accidentally locked herself out while hanging holiday decorations, asked Newby to enter … Read more

Rural carrier helps customer save son’s life

Rural Carrier Janet Medlin was recently delivering mail to a residence in Leola, AR, when she heard a customer yelling for help. Medlin immediately called 911 and rushed to assist the woman, who was struggling to free her adult son from a tire swing where he had attempted to harm himself. The Postal Service employee … Read more

Rural Carrier Heroes – Doing their hero thing again

Meet the Heroes Kathryn Lidstrom  Fairfield, MT, Rural Carrier Kathryn Lidstrom was recently delivering mail in a Fairfield, MT, neighborhood when she noticed an older customer operating a weed trimmer near an irrigation ditch on his property. Read more Pamela Irwin Coatesville, PA An older customer in Coatesville, PA, recently faced a dire situation: The … Read more

Meet the latest rural carrier heroes

Meet the Heroes RCA James Wentworth  Stickney, SD Rural Carrier Associate James Wentworth was delivering mail in Stickney, SD, in June when he saw an older customer lying beside a gravel road, waving for help. Read more RCA Elizabeth Ridge Harrison, MI Rural Carrier Associate Elizabeth Ridge was recently delivering mail in Harrison, MI, when … Read more

Rural carrier heroes on the route

Tammy Covietz, Jordan, MN Rural Carrier Tammy Covietz was recently delivering mail to an older customer’s home in Jordan, MN, when the man fell while walking to the front door. Covietz promptly administered first aid to the customer, whose head was bleeding. At the man’s request, the Postal Service employee called his daughter, then comforted … Read more

Rural Carrier Heroes helping customers across the country

Laurel Jansen, Dorr, MI Rural Carrier Laurel Jansen was delivering mail on a spring afternoon in Dorr, MI, when she spotted a 6-year-old boy walking alone after getting off a school bus. Worried for the lad’s safety, Jansen offered to accompany him to his home. When they got there, he was locked out. The Postal … Read more

You don’t need super powers to be a superhero

Sergio Cobain, Brooksville, FL Rural Carrier Sergio Cobain was delivering mail in Brooksville, FL, in January when he spotted a customer lying on the ground beside a road. Cobain rushed to check on the woman, who was unconscious, and immediately called 911. The Postal Service employee revived the customer, who had fallen, by the time … Read more