Rural Carrier saves customer from danger near pond

Rural Carrier Steve Phifer was recently delivering mail in Ardmore, TN, when he spotted an older customer in trouble: The man had fallen out of his motorized wheelchair just a few feet away from a pond on his property. Phifer rushed to the customer’s aid, safely got him back into his wheelchair, determined that medical … Read more

Rural carrier performs CPR on collapsed customer

Rural Carrier Associate Mark Harper II was delivering mail one day last fall in Princeton, WV, when he came upon an older couple experiencing a crisis. During a walk through their neighborhood, the man had collapsed and his wife was sobbing beside him. Harper hurried to their aid and determined that the man wasn’t breathing … Read more

Sick customer’s son thanks rural carrier for compassion

Smethport, PA, Rural Carrier Starr Silvis was recently delivering mail to an older customer she checks on regularly when she discovered that he’d fallen inside his home. The man was disoriented, telling Silvis he was in bed, and she immediately called 911 as well as the local Post Office. The Postal Service employee remained on … Read more

Rural carrier swoops in to lift up distraught customer

Rural Carrier Angela Creighbaum was making deliveries on a chilly, wet day last spring in Burlington, WI, when she encountered an older customer yelling for help. Creighbaum rushed to check on the woman, who had fallen outside her home two hours earlier and couldn’t get up. The Postal Service employee safely helped the customer get … Read more

Bleeding customer gets critical aid from rural carrier

Rural Carrier Anthony Alexander was recently making deliveries in Hayden, AL, when he encountered a customer in distress. The man had sliced an artery in his arm while working on a tractor outside his home, and he was struggling to get inside for help. Alexander rushed to his aid and immediately called 911, at which … Read more

Rural carrier aids little girl upset after tumble

Rural Carrier Sue Christie was recently delivering mail in Crystal, MI, when she spotted a 5-year-old child walking alone in the roadway. Christie stopped to check on the girl, asking her where her parents were. Afraid she was in trouble, the child ran away and fell, scraping her knee and crying when she realized she … Read more

Customer credits rural carrier with saving her life

Waddington, NY, Rural Carrier Associate Patrick Chapman was delivering mail one day last spring in a nearby hamlet, Chase Mills, when he heard a customer yelling for help inside her residence. Chapman rushed to the woman’s door and she directed him to spare keys. Upon opening it, he found that she was stranded on the … Read more

Rural Carrier saves choking co-worker’s life

Rural Carrier Associate Melodie Walters was recently working at her case in a Fort Myers, FL, postal facility when she heard a colleague scream: “She needs help!” Walters, a former nurse, saw that another co-worker nearby was choking. She rushed to the woman’s aid and performed the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging a piece of candy. The … Read more

Rural carrier detects gas leak at customer’s home

Rural Carrier Forrest Bailey III was recently delivering mail in Humble, TX, when he smelled a strong odor of leaking gas at a customer’s residence. Bailey immediately called 911, and emergency responders and utility workers soon arrived on the scene. The customer, an 86-year-old woman who wasn’t there at the time, returned and was advised … Read more

Rural Carrier aids UPS crash victim

Rural Carrier Penny Clem was delivering mail one day last summer in tiny Broadlands, IL, when she spotted a UPS truck that had overturned on a remote gravel road. Clem immediately stopped to aid the driver, who had crawled out of the vehicle through the shattered windshield. The Postal Service employee called 911, shaded the … Read more

Rural carrier aids customers in moment of crisis

McCrory, AR, with a population of around 1,700, is “a small town where everyone knows everyone,” according to the local Postmaster. It’s no surprise, then, that Rural Carrier Associate Jenifer Taylor got word of an accident at a residence on her route, soon after she’d finished work. Concerned by the news, Taylor rushed to the … Read more

Rural carrier aids tricyclist, 94, lost in rural Maine

Rural Carrier Kevin Wescott was making deliveries one day last summer in Freeport, ME, when a 94-year-old woman riding an adult tricycle approached him. She seemed distraught and confused, so Wescott assured her he would help her. He immediately called 911 and comforted her until emergency responders arrived. Authorities determined that the woman resided at … Read more

Rural Carrier frees accident victims from burning truck

Rural Carrier Chad Rhoades was recently driving to work in Buckhannon, WV, when he witnessed a vehicular collision that sent a logging truck crashing into the side of a mountain. Rhoades and another passerby immediately stopped to rescue two occupants from the truck, which had burst into flames. The victims were mobile but injured, so … Read more

Rural RCA saves teen’s life during dog attack

Rural Carrier Associate Abby Puckett was recently delivering mail in Corinth, MS, when she came upon an 18-year-old customer being attacked by five dogs. Puckett used repellent spray to safely end the attack, then called 911 after carrying the teenager to the postal vehicle to get out of harm’s way. Emergency responders rushed to the … Read more

Rural carrier aids, comforts customer in crisis

Rural Carrier Teresa Griest was recently delivering mail in Sanibel, FL, when she came upon a customer in distress: The man had fallen outside his home and couldn’t get up. Griest immediately called 911 and comforted the customer until paramedics arrived to provide further assistance. The man recovered from the incident.

Rural Carrier helps customer hurt near golf course

Rural Carrier Sarah Hogan was recently making deliveries in a Jacksonville, NC, neighborhood adjacent to a golf course when she heard someone yelling for help. Unsure where the voice was coming from, Hogan asked a customer for input. They soon located a 63-year-old neighbor who had fallen off a ladder while cleaning siding on her … Read more

RCA saves kids from gas station catastrophe

Rural Carrier Associate Brannon Cockrell was on duty one day last spring in Calera, AL, when a routine task — refueling his postal vehicle at a local gas station — took a surprising turn. A family of four pulled up alongside Cockrell, and two children stayed in the car while their mom went inside the … Read more