The confusion of non-deliverable DPS mail during mail count

This always seems to be a confusing matter year after year..


Rural carriers are paid less to deliver a piece of DPS than they are for a regular worked letter. The premise of DPS is that you should be able to take it to the street and not have to deal with anything. Just deliver it (or case it)

When you have to start pulling things out of DPS – Fwds, Holds, UBBM, etc, you are having to do more than just deliver the mail.

This is where the non-deliverable DPS credit comes in during a mail count.

This from the count guide:

If carriers take DPS mail directly to the street,all the DPS mail they bring back, because it is out of sequence or otherwise not deliverable(hold mail, forwardable mail, missorted mail,etc.), is recorded in Column 1, Letter Size.

The fact that the carrier may elect to case that mail during the mail count does not change the recording procedure.

DPS mail, which would have been brought back by the carrier, is recorded in Column 1, Letter Size.

The mail pieces recorded in Column 1, LetterSize, are not deducted from Column 3, DPSLetters.Don’t miss this credit.. (Every single piece that comes out of DPS gets added to Column 1 – Letter size mail)

( It could be the difference of going to the next hour.. You only need 18 for a minute…)


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