The Future of the Rural Carrier – Carriers’ View- Introduction

Guest post by Older and Wiser.

Older and Wiser is a rural carrier.

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This is how I see it!

With the USPS view of the future of a rural carrier in the rear view mirror, it is time to start a discussion about where we think we will end up in the coming years. This first article is sort of an introduction where I will set some guidelines for the upcoming articles and how I would like to see this thread go.

If you followed my earlier blogs, you know that the post office is my second career after being in the regular business world, both blue and white collar. This lends my thinking to be both as a rural carrier and as a person who is looking for the business to succeed. This means that you may disagree with my thoughts and that is fine. Just because I put my opinions on paper doesn’t mean that they hold any greater weight than your own.

For that reason, I would like these blogs to be very interactive. Differences of opinion start a discussion; a discussion brings about understanding; understanding leads to a consensus; consensus results in solutions. I would like to see intelligent and constructive discussions that maybe someone who should care (USPS, the union, etc) can see that our knowledge and interest in making our future and the postal service’s future both successful. When we have a discussion and you have a solution for a case study, let’s hear it. Maybe you have a thought but nothing concrete, still let us hear it. Some people have a talent for coming up with ideas and there are other people who can hear someone else's idea and bring it to fruition.

I wouldn’t surprise anyone if I said that while the future of the rural carrier isn’t necessarily bleak, it has a more negative than positive outlook. The Engineering study seems to be our brightest hope for a better tomorrow. We all have opinions on how the study may work to our advantage and are eagerly awaiting its conclusion. We can only hope the three engineers can really see our whole job and each of the tasks that we are called upon to do on a daily basis.

USPS seems to have lost their sense of reality on how to manage people in the 21st century. When I see a list of the best 100 companies to work for, I don’t need to waste my time looking to see if the USPS is on the list. Their recent track record in the fair treatment of employees is pretty dismal. How are we supposed to perform our jobs productively when we are treated as a commodity that can be easily replaced? Where do we get guidance? Where do we get inspiration? Where do we get leadership?

Where would be a good place to start this discussion? I could stand at my case and look around to find a whole bunch of topics to write about, but instead of looking outside, maybe our future path should start by looking inside; that is inside of all of us. I will start by looking at the topic of Integrity.

Guest post by Older and Wiser.

Older and Wiser is a rural carrier.

Click below to see all of Older and Wiser’s Guest Posts.
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The primary reason Rural Carriers are taken advantage of, in comparison to other Crafts in the Postal Service, is the Evaluated System of Compensation. In my office we refer to it as the “Devaluated System”. It is a destructive, demeaning system of compensation.

Since the Rural Carrier position is the exclusive domain of the USPS and the NRLCA, the future of the Rural Carrier looks very bleak and dismal to say the least. The horrific track record of the NRLCA in contract negotiation and incompetence in arbitration presentation is sufficient proof.

Agreed….speed is not only screwing with rt size….it’s also taking opportunities from other subs…..regulars have to clean up more mistakes, and customers have more to complain about. we’re always gonna have advertising mail, especially when the economy is in an upswing, but we are moving more towards packages….now it’s Amazon…soon to be WalMart, Target and more if the PMG follows thru what she has said. Quality over Quantity indeed!

Quality over quantity. Stop trying to go as fast as you tend to not care about the quality of how you deliver to your customers. This new wave of speed demons just throwing mail and running as fast as possible is killing us. Routes become larger and times are reduced. Small routes here now seem to be almost 700 with mainly mailboxes to 1200. Then counts always seem to reduce in volume until after. Christmas season brings unreasonable volume to complete without help. Sad that we keep falling for the trap of beating our eval to stay under 40 when… Read more »

i need the future to last 23 more years

I need the future to last until my regular retires and then for me to retire.