The USPS Billion Dollar Mistake causes late delivery also


I read the article about late delivery in the dark. The post office I work at has huge population growth. Not only does it happen at holiday time but all through the year we are constantly “rushing to make the outgoing truck for the plant”.

The routes are all under evaluated  (of course) and it takes management months to make any positive changes. We are also short on RCAs which adds to the problem. With the arrival of the FSS flats we were told we would get out of the office by 9:00 to 10:00 am. This has never, NEVER,  happened since they have instituted those heavy yellow trays at my post office and they do nothing but slow us down. One day a carrier may get 2 trays, the next day 20 trays. The FSS flat system is a huge danger in the dark and on highways with lots of traffic.

As carriers we are sitting targets while we flip through the small print of delivery labels in the dark.  As a carrier I want to do my job, quickly and efficiently, and get home to my family. It seems as if management finds everyway they can to prevent this from happening. They make the policies but don’t have to do the job we do as RCAs. They have spent billions on the flat sorting machines.  Billions. My opinion is they are a pure waste of money.

They should have put that money into advanced automated package sorting machines to keep up with todays demands. When I discussed with my Postmaster the FSS flats and what a burden they are and how much more time is used she told me..”Oh, they save so much money!” Well, you know..for other offices, maybe.  The post office I am at, I’m not stupid, I know they don’t. Anyway, just venting and throwing in my 2 cents.  This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.  But I don’t think so….

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After the regular K route called off sick, as his Saturdays only sub, I ran the route for two consecutive days…..I am three weeks into this job, and yesterday was my 4th time running the route….My master came to me and said…"you have to get faster…I can't justify paying you for 12 hour days." I have the casing down, and am on the route within 15 minutes of the regular carriers leaving. I told my master, "If I drive faster, it will be unsafe for me , I already drive my POV like I stole it!!" He just looked at… Read more »

Amen to that!!!! I am a regular carrier in Georgetown, Tx. We have carriers out past dark every day. The people who think they are "fixing" problems are only creating them!! They have no idea!!

I don't even think we have FSS. I'm a new RCA also, started in June. We have stacks of magazines that come in bundled, but no sorted flats. I"m in Alabama. Bham is our plant.

I do not understand the 3 trays one day and 20 trays the next. How is that different from 3 feet of flats one day and 20 feet the next. We do not have FSS and the volume fluctuates wildly. The only time to know what to expect are Mondays and day after holidays, a tonne of mail.

Plant consolidations have caused the mail to come very late in the mornings. So even on light days, we are stuck standing around for 30, 45 minutes, even up to 2 hours a few times!

I am a brand spankin' new RCA….. This is the craziest job I have ever seen……Hurry up hurry up….oh now wait because the DPS is late, because they have 'consolidated' the processing plants…..Got your flats up? Oh wait…..some more just came in……Cripes……473 boxes on route…..takes me 10 hours just to do 1/2 route……… will get better, the regulars say…….I just wonder if there isn't a better way…………..

Wake up?? I'm sorry Betty but, it appears that you are the one that needs to wake up. NOTHING happens, when people such as yourself do NOTHING proactive to ensure fair labor standards for your craft. I can assure you Betty, that carrying a chip around on your shoulder and trolling message boards is doing NOTHING. My suggestion to you ruffledumdiddle, is to not take these "canned" responses from your local union reps as gospel. We have all heard the same old BS from our local reps, that is their easiest way of avoiding another conflict with the bureaucracy. You… Read more »

When we got the FSS flats and the ridiculous time standard and the burden it created, we contacted the union with our complaints and were told "we know, it's like that all over. Routes get 3 trays one day and 15 the next. Carriers are going way over their evaluations". We asked if the union big whigs in DC were in the backroom with management. They answered "what does that mean?"

My answer: We can explain it to you but we can't comprehend for you. Like talkin' to rocks!

Oh yeah, call the Union file a grievance and see how NOTHING happens…….. Please Tom wake up.

It sounds like you should do your "venting" to your union steward and file a grievance. What good do you think this "venting" is going to do here? Do you think a magical online union official is going to sweep down to your post office and make things right for you?