The NRLCA has addressed the following issues with USPS Headquarters pertaining to the changes to the IMDAS and acceptance scans: 

1. As you are aware there are certain pieces of mail that the carrier scans that is prompting for a signature and a requirement that the customer must be 21 years of age or older. This is an enhancement for future use by the USPS and should not be occurring at this time. The USPS is pushing out a fix through the system that will correct this issue, and it should be corrected in the next few days (no later than the end of next week). 

Note: It is anticipated that the over 21 enhancement will require a signature and become an accountable item. 

2. Some managers in the field are requiring carriers to scan all items even if the customer has prepared and presents to the carrier a PS Form 5630. USPS Headquarters has notified the NRLCA that when the customer prepares and presents a carrier with a PS Form 5630, the carrier should only scan the PS Form 5630 and not each individual piece of mail. (Even if the number of pieces does not match what is on the PS Form 5630, the carrier should only be required to scan the PS Form 5630 and not each individual piece.) 

Exception: Regardless of whether or not the customer supplies a PS Form 5630, packages with Parcel Return (PRS), or Merchandise Return Service (MRS) must be scanned individually as they cannot be manifested on the PS Form 5630. 

We anticipate that there will be managers in the field that will require carriers to continue to scan all pieces even if a PS Form 5630 is presented to the carrier. If this happens the carriers should document this on their PS Form 4240 for reference if management tries to change it just prior to mail count. 

Note: The Carrier Pickup Notification Form generated for Carrier Pick Up is not a PS Form 5630. 

3. Another issue addressed to USPS Headquarters was the requirement for carriers to go through tubs of mail collected to look for mail pieces that needed to be scanned as these tubs are only credited as (1) piece collected. Carriers are not required to go through tubs of mail collected to look for items that may need to be scanned. 

Exception: If the carrier is credited with time to separate collected mail upon return to the office during mail count, then the carrier would look for items that need to be scanned and if found the carrier would receive a piece credit for each piece found and the credit for scanning the piece. 

Note: If carriers are required to go through tubs of collected mail to check for acceptance scans on the route that would normally be credited as (1) piece collected, the NRLCA position is that all pieces should be credited as pieces collected