Update: Payment of Retroactive Salary Increases in 2018-2021 National Agreement delayed

The NRLCA has been notified by USPS that all of the retroactive salary increases included in the 2018-2021 National Agreement will be delayed and are now to be included in the paychecks for PP06-2020 (March 20, 2020).

This adjustment will include all eligible rural carriers and all retroactive salary changes negotiated in the new National Agreement. Posted salary charts have already been adjusted to reflect the current negotiated salary rates.

Update: Payment of Retroactive Salary Increases in 2018-2021 National Agreement

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Read the most recent ‘adjusted’ fiscal year audit of the Postal Services’ finances. We will be lucky if we ever see that retro active salary payment! I am extremely surprised our current pay checks clear the bank!

Boy we sure could have used it for Christmas.

Union should push for penalty and interest instead of, sure no problem, pay our workers whenever you get around to it!

Fat check that one……

So once again, our mighty union is fighting savagely for us. No not really, just a joke. Just like our union is. Management will do what they’ve always done, ignore our contract and do what they want and our mighty union will cower and let them. I’m glad I’ve only got a few months left to deal with this B.S .

We need to file a class action grievance, with all 280,000 of us

That why I Retired, you could see the writing on the wall . That they are doing everything possible to make their numbers better than they are .
Managers keep two books , on people and finances and why the New LLV’s and back pay may be delayed even longer , but everyone should pool their money together and get a corporate lawyer Because our union has been making deals behind our backs and then sleeping with the enemy and has done nothing at all to help us .

If this were reversed and we owed the post office e money it would be taken from our check in full amount with no notice (It happened to me). Our union needs to step up and deal with this. Nothing but continuous broken promises. I know I speak for all when I say that there needs to be retribution for the ineptitude of the post office in this matter.

Just wondering, I retired 6/30/18, should or will I get retro pay mailed to me…

Was this agreed upon by the union? Interest should be paid on this money. There is no excuse it should take that long.

This is BS. We should be awarded interest compounded.

Why am I not surprised?

not acceptable…penalty must be paid 10 fold