USPS OIG – Should Rural Mail Carriers Drive Privately Owned Vehicles?

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The Postal Service operates one of the world’s largest transport and delivery fleets, which includes over 211,000 delivery, transport, and administrative vehicles. It maintains a diverse fleet of delivery vehicles including long life vehicles, delivery vans, and light trucks.

City mail carriers operate government vehicles, and rural mail carriers operate both government and privately owned vehicles.

  • Is it beneficial for rural carriers to drive their own vehicles?
  • Do you believe it is safer for rural carriers to drive personal vehicles or  government vehicles?
  • City carriers must drive a government vehicle but rural carriers are not. Should rural carriers be required to drive a government vehicle?

Source: Click here to give the USPS OIG your opinion

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6 Comments on "USPS OIG – Should Rural Mail Carriers Drive Privately Owned Vehicles?"

  1. There are pros and cons. I own a RHD jeep wrangler 4 door and I now have an LLV. I miss the heater and air conditioning and the ease of accessing my parcels. I also miss the 4wd with winter coming and some of my driveways I can no longer access because the LLV will not make it. On the other hand I don’t miss spending my off time maintaining my own car. I don’t miss the gas bill at all. I love how the LLV turns so well. If the postal service wants us in their vehicle they should put us in a vehicle made for rural delivery not city delivery. Seems reasonable.

  2. Tony McCollum | 10/29/2015 at 10:32 pm |

    Where’s the comment I made earlier????

  3. Maybe on Facebook? Usually Facebook syncs the comments but having some problems with it lately..

  4. there goes customer service right out the window, with LLV service.
    during the winter months I’m able to 4X4 up a driveway to deliver & with a LLV customer will
    be lucky to even get letter mail on a snowy day, for a LLV isn’t going in & out of the snow like my Jeep does with studs & 4X4. I think it’s safer for rural carriers to drive POV, for many different reasons. It sure would be cheeper for us Rurals to drive a LLV thou, the cost of keeping 2 Jeeps going (for myself) is killer. And parts for a RHD Jeep are hard to come by & more expensive then a LHD.

  5. Crazysocks | 10/30/2015 at 1:17 pm |

    Don’t want LLV…. Can’t see well out of them, No AC, no radio, can’t change flat tires,,,,, If they make us get LLV’s,,,, I quit! When it is 100degrees outside,,, it is 10 degrees hotter in LLV. IF we are out in the middle of nowhere,,,(which we do drive to),,and we have heat stroke,, no where to cool our selves off,

  6. Rural Carrier | 10/31/2015 at 4:54 am |

    I agree with Judy, it would be nice if they would provide us with the 4WD Jeep Wrangler with studded 10 ply tires for winter, heater, and a/c. No LLV for my route, it would not make it in the rain or snow or ice on my route and flat tires would be a daily hassle. Maintenance would be 50 miles away one way.

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