USPS Proposes Changes Which Would Expand its Ability to Subcontract Rural Routes to Contract Delivery Service

National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association: “The National Office has just received notification from the Postal Service of proposed changes to Handbook M-38, Management of Rural Delivery Services, which would greatly expand its ability to subcontract rural routes to contract delivery service.

Your National Board is taking immediate steps on all appropriate fronts to address this issue, including a meeting scheduled next week with the Postmaster General. We will use every resource available to oppose the proposed changes in order to protect rural carrier jobs and the American public.”

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My thoughts on adding more contract routes…I am a Regular Rural Carrier who lives in another town…a town who is "serviced" by a contract carrier. The contract carrier has absolutely no sense of what a "real" rural carrier is supposed to be, or if she does, she just doesn't care. She, as you would expect, is only interested in getting done as quickly as possible, and getting that check. Nothing to gain, nothing to loose…She misdelivers mail, her response is,.."oh well…you know how it is…" NO…I DO NOT…it is NOT acceptable to misdeliver mail…ever…NOW, I am human…BUT when I do… Read more »