USPS releases 2020 Christmas Pay Procedures for Rural Carriers

The 2020 Christmas period for rural carriers begins Saturday, December 5, 2020 (Week 1, Pay Period (PP) 26–2020), and ends Friday, December 25, 2020 (Week 1, Pay Period 01-2021). During this period, certain timekeeping and pay rules apply. Timekeepers, including postmasters, supervisors, and other employees responsible for rural carrier time and attendance recording, must become familiar with Article 9.2.K., Christmas Allowances and Procedures, of the 2018–2021 USPS/National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) Agreement.

This article describes:

n Types of compensation to which rural carriers are entitled during the Christmas period.

n Related timekeeping procedures and regulations for the Christmas period.

n Special rules that begin with the start of the Guarantee Year (October 10, 2020) and continue through the end of the Christmas period (December 25, 2020).

The preferred method of timekeeping data entry is through the Rural Management Support System (RMSS) web application. The following information provides USPS® guidelines for Rural Carrier compensation during the designated Christmas period. These instructions are designed for Manual Timekeeping and TACS data entry.

We included exhibits to help you complete the following:

n PS Form 1314, Regular Rural Carrier Time Certificate, and

n PS Form 1314-A, Auxiliary Rural Carrier Time Certificate.

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