We now offer Rural Carrier Signs, graphic kits and stickers

Rural Carrier signs are a staple for rural carriers that use their own vehicle to deliver mail.  There are a lot of places that sell these signs.

I looked at a lot of different signs before deciding what to sell on this website.  I wanted to be able to offer the best quality signs available to rural carriers.

I settled on these signs because of the quality.  Some of the items may be a little higher priced than what you pay other places, but I promise you these are better quality than you've used in the past.  I personally use them on my Jeep.


Below are just a few details about these signs that show the superior quality and design of these signs.


Q. How long do the magnetic car and truck door signs last?
A. When the supplied care and cleaning sheet is followed you should expect to get at least 3-5 years of use.

Q. Are your vehicle magnets one solid sheet?
A. Yes, the magnetic sign is manufactured to the highest quality standards on one solid sheet of magnet material that is .030 mil thick and magnetized to a very strong, long lasting 14 poles per square inch. Accept nothing less than this standard for magnetic vehicle signage that you expect to last for years.

Q. Do you round the corners of your signs?
A. Yes, in order to reduce wind resistance we round the corners of magnetic signs that will be used for vehicles.

Q. Are your products and materials manufactured in the USA?
A. Yes, we utilize raw product and services that are all based in the USA.

Q. Do your car door magnets come with a warranty?
A. YES. Our magnetic sheeting as well as the prints are warranted not to peel, fade or crack for 3 years from the manufacturer. Signs made with applied vinyl are imaged using 7 year rated vinyl graphics.

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Lisa neustel

Most of the signs are magnetic and neither I or a few others will put magnets on or vehicle’s they cause rust

Miranda Goff

Where do you find the parcel markers that you case with ?


Didn’t see one that says – Retired Rural Carrier
Frequent Naps


Magnetic signs DO NOT cause rust unless you leave them on and never remove them.