Yes, this is the website the union warned you about.

Rural Carrier Heroes: Sharyl Mataya, Hinckley, IL and Michelle Howard, Gravette, AR

Sharyl Mataya, Hinckley, IL Hinckley, IL, Rural Carrier Sharyl Mataya became concerned when she noticed a customer hadn’t collected mail in several days. The lights were on in the house, but the womanRead more

USPS releases 2015 Postal Facts

Did you know the Postal Service processes an average 5,900 mailpieces every second? Or that USPS, if it were a private company, would rank 43rd on the Fortune 500 list? Or that mule trains still carryRead more

Points of origin – Airmail markers remembered

What’s more surprising: discovering the United States is dotted with giant concrete arrows — or learning the markers helped move the mail? The Atlantic news site recently gave readers a bird’s eye vieRead more

Postal Pulse – New program to replace the Voice of the Employee survey

USPS will soon introduce the Postal Pulse, a program that aims to improve postal workplaces by better engaging employees and leveraging their ideas and feedback. The Postal Pulse will replace the VoicRead more

Postal workers launch website to keep Ohio centers open -

A union representing 200,000 United States Postal Service employees has created a website aimed at stopping the shutdown of mail processing centers in Youngstown and three other locations in Ohio. TheRead more

U.S. Postal Service searching for the mail truck of the future

While the NGDV will likely be based again on a production vehicle in order to meet its target of $25,000 to $35,000 per truck, several specifications laid out for it ensure that extensive modificationRead more

Anthem Health Care Hack Snared Federal Employees Who Weren’t Anthem Customers

Over the past week, Anthem has disclosed more details on the extent of a December 2014 database compromise that allowed unidentified attackers to view sensitive personal information. The incident is nRead more

Are postcards obsolete?

We no longer wish you were here. Or rather, these days, an individual I is much less likely to scrawl such a message on a postcard to a particular You. The collective We and the aggregate You communicRead more

He Tried to Deliver Your Mail Through Snow. Honest: A Day’s Work

Boot crunch, crackle. The mailman trudges through the whiteout world: one step after another, one house after another into the arctic quiet. John Bachman, 54, moves uneasily across meteorological histRead more

KC residents fed up with USPS moving at snail’s pace to reimburse them for damaged mailboxes

Brian Amick was working from his home in south Kansas City when a neighbor called him and told him to look outside. That’s when Amick saw the damage. A brick and stone pillar holding six mail boxes haRead more

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