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Georgia Rural Carrier murdered by husband

A Floyd County man has been charged with the death of one woman and serious injury of another following a report of multiple shots fired at a home on Fosters Mill Road Thursday night. Dewayne David TaRead more

Consumer Reports Ends Two Publications partly due to increasing postage costs

Consumer Reports announced that it will end publication of its ShopSmart magazine and Money Adviser newsletter following the mailing of one final issue. This decision comes as the 79-year old nonprofiRead more

Oversight of the Approved Shippers Program

Background The U.S. Postal Service seeks to extend the convenience and reach of its products and services by locating them near where customers live, work, and shop. In August 2013, the Postal ServiceRead more

Package Processing Performance During the December 2014 Peak Holiday Season

Background Strong consumer demand for goods purchased over the Internet has driven growth in package volume in an otherwise declining mail market. In its 2012 Five-Year Business Plan, the U.S. PostalRead more

Rural Carrier Hero: Nelson Medina, Granite City, IL

Granite City, IL, Rural Carrier Nelson Medina was on his route when he came upon a car accident. He recognized one victim and called her family, along with 911. Medina also waited with the injured womRead more

Long-term care available to employees, relatives

Postal Service employees and their relatives are eligible for long-term health care assistance not covered by traditional health plans or Medicare. The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program provideRead more

Consumers place premium on shipping costs, study finds

Consumers pay close attention to shipping costs when making online purchases, a new study has found. Sixty-three percent of online shoppers in the United States consider shipping costs “very importantRead more

Mail or no mail, USPS facilities remain open for now 

Facing opposition stretching from Capitol Hill to rural communities, the Postal Service has put off a key part of its plan to cut costs, even as it continues to lose billions of dollars a year. USPS wRead more

USPS OIG Semi Annual Report to Congress

The Office of Inspector General is tasked with ensuring efficiency, accountability, and integrity in the U.S. Postal Service. We also have the distinct mission of helping to maintain confidence in theRead more

Internet marketing firm buys USPS Change of Address Contractor

Red Ventures, the Internet marketing firm based in Indian Land, S.C., said Thursday that it has completed its $310 million purchase of the marketing services firm Imagitas, which facilitates change ofRead more

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