Yes, this is the website the union warned you about.


My Philosophy

  • I strive to keep rural carriers updated in as many formats as possible.
  • I promote a wide range of rural carrier communities to let rural carriers engage with each other.
  • I hope to encourage healthy, respectful, debate and discussion.
  • I strongly promote the sharing of information and knowledge with all rural carriers(even those that cant make it to meetings and conventions)

Some Facts about

  • Not totally sure of the exact date I started The domain creation date was April 4th, 2007. I ran the website for a year or more on a free Google website.. So this website is AT LEAST 8 years old if not more.
  • is owned and operated by one person.
  • is not affiliated with the USPS,the NRLCA, or any state or National Organization

Some Stats about

  • I have over 2100 subscribers on my newsletter lists
  • Our Rural Mail Talk message board is our most visited page with over 2500 registered members – Over 70,000 topics and replies – Over 3 million views
  • Facebook - Over 7200 followers
  • Twitter - Over 900 Followers
  • Pinterest - Over 1300 Followers.

An uninformed membership can do no good…. Only with information can we contribute and improve our union. Ignorance really is not bliss. The more secrecy we have within our union, the less accountability.

About Me

My name is Dana Logan. I am owner/creator of

A few things about and our philosophy, along with some facts and statistics. I have been a USPS rural carrier since 1997 and a NRLCA member just about as long. I live and work in Texas not too far from Dallas. I’ve been married for 19 years. I love building and designing websites.

You have probably heard many things about this website and most of them are probably not true. I am NOT anti union. Yes, I AM a union member. Yes, I really am a rural carrier. I do the job every single day just like you do. I do not pretend to be a replacement for the NRLCA and I never will. I am all about sharing news with all rural carriers.

I do not like the anti-internet stance the NRLCA takes. I feel they could be much more responsive to the membership by using the internet. I believe they should build a strong social presence and share information with all of us, even those that cannot make it to union meetings. As the saying goes, If you build it, they will come…

But, that is just me and until that day, I will continue to try to get the news out to rural carriers in any format I can…

Thanks to those of you that have supported me for so many years in this project. If not for you, would never have become what it is today..

Peace, Love and the Mail