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10 Reasons RRECS is not ready to go live

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While of course, I am no longer in the game, I still care what happens to the rural craft and I haven’t been out long enough to not know what’s happening.

I understand there are those who went up that want their money NOW.   I fully understand that.  The problem is next time it could be your route that has zeros in boxes that should have data.  It could be you pulling up your radar report with data missing.

This thing should have been 100% vetted and tested before it went live.  The should have created a way for carriers to pull up their information. No matter the cost or undertaking. How can you go live with something where one party decides not to release data?  How can you go live with something that devastated over half of the rural routes in the country?

It seems like this was released as a live test.  Lets ram it through and see what happens.  You are playing with people’s lives and it should not be happening.

We all know carriers who work 4 hours and are done.  Some think they have been overpaid for years.  Of course there are some routes like that but not 66%.  That is ridiculous.

Some say well the carriers didn’t do things right.  That is BS.  There are very good carriers that lost their butts on this thing.  Those that know how to do things.  Those that studied the RRECS info.  That number is just too large to ignore.  66% is a lot.

I know there are many other problems with this that I haven’t listed below, but this thing needs to be fixed before you continue using rural carriers as text subjects..

No Transparency

There was no transparency to show carriers HOW their evaluations were determined.  There should have been a way for carriers to pull everything about their route evaluation.  I heard excuses like it cost too much or it is too big of an undertaking.  There is NO excuse.  If you are going to alter someone’s pay at this magnitude, a way to show the date should have been first priority. 

USPS can't be trusted

The USPS has not and I believe will not be forthcoming with data.  They have stalled with handing over data time after time.  This will always be a problem with USPS

The scanners are not always accurate

The scanners do not always capture the data as they should.  There are places that have no coverage. The SPM’s aren’t even accurate half the time.  How can it be used to determine someone’s pay?

Safety and Service talks

So many carriers got no credit at all for these talks.  Input of this is dependent on the same management that can’t even send in updates to AMS and update 4003s when they should.

Missing data

So much data missing.  Some carriers have zeros where data should be.  Numbers changed from after the mini mail survey when they added missing data. How can one feel confident they are getting a fair evaluation?

Routes with multiple zip codes

Are they getting credit for the additional zip?  Where can they see the information?

The USPS 6-9 am parcel delivery during peak

USPS uses dynamic routes which leaves routes not credited for these parcels.  USPS/NRLCA are currently looking at this as I understand.

Misinformed postmasters

There are so many examples of postmasters telling carriers to just scan the basic 6 scans.  Don’t worry about this or that.  While old timers know that PM’s don’t always know the answers, new carriers will follow an employer’s guidance.

Unscanned parcels

There are carriers already being harassed about their unscanned parcel counts.  Something needs to be agreed to on this in order to get correct counts.

52 weeks of data

If you are going to determine someone’s evaluation on 52 weeks of data, then you should be able to show them 52 weeks of data.  

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