15 things your rural carrier wont tell you…

1. No, you didnt get any mail.  If you had any mail I would have put it in your box. Just because you didnt find any mail in your box DOES NOT mean someone stole your mail. There really are times when you do not get mail. I promise.


2. No, the USPS did NOT buy me this bright shiny new vehicle, I had to buy it to deliver mail. I know, hard to believe.. but true


3. I did shut your mail box, but the big truck that just blew past it at 100 mph blew the lid open…


4. Dont crease your mail???  Seriously????


5. Sorry but I cannot get to your box at the exact same time everyday. If I could forsee how much mail would be sent out daily I would not be carrying mail.


6. Please, please, get dressed before you answer the door.  I know you feel sexy, but please, have mercy on your carrier.


7. Please do not leave your trash cans in front of your mailbox, while I do have long arms, they are not that long


8. Your mail didnt get picked up because…. you do not have a little red flag on your box….and my ESP that usually tells me you had outgoing mail was on the fritz that day.


9. While I sympathize with you for all of your medical problems, I do not really have time to sit there and hear them all.


10. Why did your mail get wet?. ITS RAINING…and… Your box will NOT shut.. Also, we have not been issued little mail umbrellas to keep it from getting wet when we put it in the box.


11.  You know those wasps that try to sting you when you check your mail?  Just because you have been lucky so far and have not been stung, doesnt mean I have.


12.  I know you think your dog wont hurt a flea, but please dont let him push through the screen door and come out.


13.  I did come to your door, I saw you peak through the curtain at me, please dont tell my boss I didnt


14.  Please do not write all over mail that was mistakenly put in your box.I know you do not like it,and I apologize that it happened.  If you will leave it in your box with the flag up, I think I will get the idea.


15.  I know you are irritated when I slow you down on road while I am putting mail in the boxes.  Please do not scream obscenities at me. I know you are mad but I cannot get out of your way.

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Yes, and I love my customers for doing it. Makes me feel appreciared. 🙂

I think that would be an excellent rule!

It’s a personal preference. I love casing my shoppers (crease) and then case flats and dos inside them. I’ve been doing it for years, so it only takes a second, but I can really fly when I hit the street. Space is not an issue, and I have an LLV.

The day after Christmas I got my neighbor’s mail and none of my own. He got no mail. (Because it was in my box). I went to my other neighbor’s box and there was MY mail. I don’t know where my other neighbor’s mail went, haha. Oh well…Also, there is a house on the next street with the same house NUMBER but not street name, of course. We get their mail and they get our mail. This happens more than you would think. But overall, the post office is still a deal..How else can you send communication across thousands of… Read more »

I think it should be a rule, before you can put in a complaint on a carrier, you must first deliver mail for one day..

Yes they do 😉

How about… vacation holds are just that. For vacations. They are not so you can have a free p.o. box and leave it on hold for months at a time or to dodge the certified letters you are supposed to be getting because you don’t pay your bills….

Oh me too!!

I have a rural carrier. I leave goodies (fudge, cookies, etc.) in the mailbox for him with the flag up. This used to be a standard thing in rural areas. Do other people still do this?

I am retired now, but when on my route I had a delivery who put their garbage in front of the box every week. One day there was no school and I saw a young man putting garbage bags in front of the mailbox. I asked him to please place them on the opposite side of the driveway. He replied that his father told him to lean them against the mailbox post so they wouldn’t blow away. I told him I have a 6 foot reach, but from the ground up…not the car out, and they would not receive mail… Read more »

I think I’m going to copy and paste #14 and leave in boxes that I pick up mail that has been obliterated with their sharpie marker!

I’m the same way. I get a lot of magazines and catalogs. I don’t know why but it really bothers me when they are creased! Lol. I’ve tried tacoing but really don’t see why anyone does it at all. More so with a POV route. Space is at a premium and I’m not going to taco and basically double the room the flats take up! Can’t believe people will taco their red plum! WEAVE IT IN! Doesn’t take any longer and saves you soooooooo much space

Julie Blomme Tankovich

Heather Beasley Freundner Erica Saldana Harper lol some of these are right on 🙂


I can add a few more.

6. Please, please, get dressed before you answer the door. I know you feel sexy, but please, have mercy on your carrier.

The folks griping about creased mail are the worst. Magazines and such usually aren’t cases like that, it’s the really tall Mutual of Omaha or Boys Ranch flats. The worst, and I mean the worst people on this planet…check their PO box and gripe about bent 3rd class flats that say do not bend. Forgive us for tarnishing your cheap address labels and scratch pad from the Cherokee children’s home. Also, 3rd class doesn’t qualify for that treatment.

They have a valid complaint about creased mail. Not to mention casing that way wastes time and space all day.

So true!

I hate creased mail, especially magazines I pay good money for. This is why I case mail straight up, I don’t taco it. And … a bonus … I can fit more in my car and I don’t have to change trays as often. I put the end of the tray closest to me up on the console to prevent mail from falling forward. Casing this way is totally worth it 🙂

When I retire I am gonna be too busy traveling the world 🙂

When I retire I am gonna be too busy traveling the world 🙂

& retirees…

& retirees…

I wish I could complain about customers who live in cul de sacs and let their kids leave toys in the street!!!!

#6 lmao


That’s just the beginning of the list……

Most of these customer complaints are old people who have nothing else better to do all day long.

#14…. my biggest pet peeve!

Mary Catherine Woodyard

Shelita you need to read this lol


Linda George

I say these every day.

Love, love this!! #6 is my favorite. I dont know how many times I hv come across people answering the door not fully clothed.

I could add about twenty more things to that list! Lol

I like #7, next time put it in the garbage can and tell them you thought that was the new mail box because I couldn’t put it in the old one without creasing it or it getting wet on a rainy day.

Michelle Brown Clark it’s all about #5. Damn #5!!!

I have actually been accused of 3 (being the big truck blowing by to fast) and 6 unfortunately has happened to me on multiple occasions by both genders.

I like that

All of the above but also want to add: Just because myself or my sub misdelivered mail ONE time does not mean it happens ALL the time. I swear I hate this. I was on vacation and the sub put his parcel in wrong parcel locker(gave him the wrong key) and he told me it happens all the time and I wonder if his neighbors get his mail etc. I’m like whatever, it was one time fool chill out.


Nicole Gomez. I love 8,10,11, and 14. Man, todas están buenas!

Wow 😀

It was pouring rain one day that I happened to have water bills to deliver. One customer always complains about wet mail and I had a package to deliver to her door. In short she watched me get out of the car getting soaked all the way to her door. I hand her the package and mail with the water bill on top and of course it is wet. She starts in about her mail being wet and I stop her and say. I’m sorry your water bill isn’t wet the water company is just giving out free samples with… Read more »

I absolutely love this!!!!

#14 is a HUGGGGGGE pet peeve.

I disagree with #9. I’ll listen. 🙂 Sometimes, we’re the only human contact people may have that day.

I’ve used almost all of those. Lol