2015 – 2018 National Agreement between the USPS and the NRLCA

This special contract edition of the magazine represents the complete, current National Agreement between the USPS and the NRLCA. It supersedes the provisions of the 2010 USPS-NRLCA National Agreement.

This Agreement (referred to as the USPS-NRLCA 2015 National Agreement) is entered into as of April 25, 2016, by and between the United States Postal Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Employer”) and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (here- inafter referred to as the “Union”) and supersedes the provisions of the 2010 USPS-NRLCA National Agreement.

Download 2015-2018 Contract (PDF)


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WTF!!! what did our union agree to???!!!! I’ve never heard of contract language that PROHIBITS a rural mail count!!!! NOW I know why they did it!!!!!!! The new contract between the USPS and Amazon that took effect early November 2016 gives rural carriers an increased parcel load we CAN’T get compensation for!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new contract was ratified JUST 6 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!! Of course USPS knew this was in the works!!!!!!! USPS WILL NOT release terms of that contract!!!!!!!!! Rural carriers – YOU know why!!!! This is on YOU!!!!!!!! No increase in pay for extra parcels!!!!!!! AND you CAN NOT REQUEST… Read more »

I am a j route, I was on vacation when I got called in to work because sub got sick (Wednesday and Friday}. Do I get extra pay for working during my vacation ?

Did I dream this, or is there a contract article stating that carriers over age 55 receive priority when awarding parcel help during the Christmas period? I can’t find anything.

What is the contractual rule about a regular being able to have their J day or their k day off? The regular only wants that day off because they have plans but are being told if they want to ensure that day off they have to take at a Jason today is that accurate?

What are the rules of a regular carrier receiving help from an RCA and 204Bs because they cannot run their route by evaluated time? Isn’t there something in the contract that specifies once you go career, you do not receive help unless it’s during Christmas time?

I’m a RCA and I’m being bullied because I wont cone in at 6am clerk and run my rt. 7 days a week