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2023-2024 National Board Elected at 2023 NRLCA National Convention

The 2023-2024 National Board was elected at the 2023 National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, August 18.

National Board:

  • President Don Maston
  • Vice President Patrick Pitts
  • Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Turner
  • Director of Labor Relations Bridget Boseak
  • Director of Steward Operations Shirley Baffa
  • Executive Committee Chair Nicky Phillips
  • Executive Committeeman Jeanette Dwyer
  • Executive Committeeman John Adams
  • Executive Committeeman Kirby Ricketts

NOTE: The National Chaplain will remain Gary W. Wilder, TN.  He can be reached at tel: 615-888-6156  (CST).

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