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2023-2024 National Board Elected at 2023 NRLCA National Convention

The 2023-2024 National Board was elected at the 2023 National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Friday, August 18.

National Board:

  • President Don Maston
  • Vice President Patrick Pitts
  • Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Turner
  • Director of Labor Relations Bridget Boseak
  • Director of Steward Operations Shirley Baffa
  • Executive Committee Chair Nicky Phillips
  • Executive Committeeman Jeanette Dwyer
  • Executive Committeeman John Adams
  • Executive Committeeman Kirby Ricketts

NOTE: The National Chaplain will remain Gary W. Wilder, TN.  He can be reached at tel: 615-888-6156  (CST).

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Lou Gotts
Lou Gotts
1 month ago

Let me be the first to welcome our new crop of useless fata*s union bosses. Who knows, they might pull their lips off of DeJoy’s a*s long enough to say “h**lo suckers” to us poor unfortunates.

Vinnie Vivaldi
Vinnie Vivaldi
1 month ago

Congrats to the new dues collectors. Now can one of you step up and throw this rrecs nonsense out? If for no other reason than for breach of contract? I know USPS spent years and $ on it, but it’s obviously not working. If it were working as designed, they would be transparent about the data