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A very disturbing trend has appeared among rural carriers…

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I have come across a disturbing trend among rural carriers these last couple of months. I hear from so many that this is not the time to worry about our rights as rural carriers.. and that we have bigger things to worry about.

While, I certainly understand that the USPS is in dire consequences, this is not a reason to give up our fight for our rights.

Sure, we can do what we can to help keep our employer alive, but we have to remember, the state of the USPS is not our doing.. Most rural carriers I know do their best for their customers.

We all know that some of the policies and the attitude of the USPS has helped put us where we are now. Sure the economy has some effect on it, along with people using the internet, but we know that they have helped things along with some of their policies.

The USPS is not going to go away, and yes there will some huge changes to the way we do our jobs in the future. But, I promise you, the American public is not going to let the USPS completely disappear, nor is Congress.

The USPS will use their current economic situation to its full advantage. They will ask for concessions from us and our unions. And, unfortunately, I see the unions giving them some concessions in the future.

The current situation of the USPS is not a reason to throw everything you know is just and right out the window. We have to continue to stand up for our rights and hold the USPS to our contract. Giving in the least bit because of the current situation will only give the USPS permission to do with us what they want, and make no bones about it, they will. The USPS will eventually get concessions from the unions and it will probably hurt all of us. Do not think letting some small contract violation go by is going to save the USPS, because it is not. This is exactly what they want us to do. They want us to feel so thankful for our jobs that we will look the other way. They want us to feel scared and insecure because that is when they can get more from us.

Always remember, postal employees did NOT cause the current situation. We have continued to provide customer service and do the jobs we were hired to do. What has brought us to where we are is the economy, the internet, and the frivilous raises, bonuses, Management relocation costs, Postal management credit card misuse, and other actions the USPS has taken to run this organization into the ground. Stand strong and make them do what is right. Never think that the current USPS situation is a reason to let them do what they want.. Believe me, they will use this situation to its fullest extent.. without a thought of what they do to you or me..

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