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After Hefty Algorithmic Pay Cut, Rural Mail Carriers Are Getting ‘a Huge Slap In the Face’ From Union

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Maston is adamant that the decertification effort reflects a vocal but unrepresentative minority, giving little credence to the idea that any of their grievances are legitimate.

“We just came back from our national convention that was in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” Maston said, “and there were well over 1,100 delegates there, probably close to 2,000 rural carriers. And it was not angry people shouting about RRECS.” I asked him if perhaps the people who spent money to attend the union convention might not be a representative sample of unionwide sentiment. “I wouldn’t say that,” he replied. “I would say the people that come to the convention are the most involved and the most educated.”

When asked what he would tell rural carriers considering signing a decertification petition, Maston said, “You need to really read and understand what it actually means to decertify….it is just beyond my understanding why somebody would think that would be a better route to go.”

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