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Alabama rural carrier responds to doghouse fire

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Rainsville, AL, Rural Carrier Tanya Lyons was delivering mail recently when she spotted a doghouse on fire near a mobile home.

Lyons knew the homeowner probably was sleeping, so she repeatedly knocked on the door and windows until he answered. Together, they pulled the doghouse away from the chained pet and extinguished the flames.

“It got pretty scary there for a little bit,” Lyons told the Mountain Valley News.

The fire was traced to a malfunctioning heat lamp inside the doghouse.

The Rainsville mayor later presented Lyons with a plaque and declared a “Tanya Lyons Day” in her honor.

“I am just so proud of Tanya,” said Postmaster Pam Kirtland. “She is an excellent carrier. I can always rely on her. She always goes beyond the call of duty for me.”

Employees featured in “Heroes’ corner” are nominees for the Postmaster General Heroes’ program, which provides honorees with letters of commendation. The nomination form is available online

Source: Heroes’ corner | USPS News Link

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