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Amazon Fresh “Customized Delivery” information for rural carriers

Re: Amazon Fresh “Customized Delivery”
The NRLCA is aware that the Postal Service is expanding the Amazon Fresh test which is also known as “Customized Delivery”. The parties have discussed this process of rural carriers delivering groceries and the work functions around that. The parties have agreed at this time, ONLY Leave Replacements will deliver Amazon Groceries and will be compensated actual time for all functions associated with loading and delivering Amazon Fresh which includes any deviation time and miles if in a POV. Regular carriers should not be doing any work associated with the delivery of Amazon Fresh. The only function we have agreed to that involves the regular carriers, is when the carrier picks up the empty totes, they are treated the same as carrier pick-up, 90 seconds for the event and 9 seconds for each piece.

I am requesting if you have any Districts that have given instructions for regular carriers to deliver Amazon Fresh, please discuss with the district and if they do not agree to stop then notify your NRO and myself ASAP, with the District name, the person and title of who you spoke with.

If regular carriers are being required to deliver Amazon Fresh, then a grievance should be filed and the remedy should be cease and desist, compensate the carrier at 150% of their hourly rate for all actual time spent and EMA if POV required. Do not agree to 8127 or 2 minutes per mile.

Thank You,
Joey C. Johnson

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