Another rural carrier dies in accident on the route

Portage resident Jessica D. Halverson, 22, died Monday after her vehicle rolled over and crashed on Old Highway U in the town of Caledonia, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Halverson was driving a 2001 Chevy Blazer from the right front passenger seat as part of her employment as a rural route delivery person with the U.S. Postal Service. She was the only person in the car and was pronounced deceased at the scene of the crash.

A 911 call was received at 3:37 p.m. Monday about the crash about one-third of a mile south of Potter Road.

Halverson was ejected and not breathing at the time of the call. Witnesses to the crash performed CPR while emergency responders were en route.

According to a preliminary investigation, the vehicle was traveling north on Old County Highway U Road, left the road to the right and continued for 400 feet until coming back onto the roadway. The vehicle then left the roadway on the left side, went down a steep ditch and into a cornfield and overturned, ejecting her from the vehicle.

The vehicle came to a rest on its wheels about 30 yards off the roadway in a plowed farm field.

Alcohol and speed are not considered factors in the crash.

Halverson was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The crash remains under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and the Columbia County Medical Examiner’s Office and the U.S. Postal Service.

via Woman who died in single-vehicle crash identified : Portage Daily Register.

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So sad to hear, alot of things could have prevented this accident, what a shame.

So sad to hear this – carriers, please please wear your seat belts. It is a pain to do so but it is deadly if you do not. I wore mine with the shoulder part behind me so that I could reach stuff and lean way out to the short boxes, etc. But the lap belt is important. Prayers for the family of this carrier.

So sad! Thoughts & prayers to her family, friends, & co-workers.
Remember; Our most important job is not the USPS but going home to our families at the end of the day. When management pushes us to be faster we need to strive to be SAFE!

So sad:( May she rest in peace 70438

So young, so sad, so preventable.


Prayers r with the family

Awful! And it will never end..The customer is most important in management eyes..sad that this carrier was a new RCA…She was prob trying so hard to do a good job too :* (

Terrible…a precious life cut short. And all she was doing was her job.

We are all thinking and praying for her family and friends and our usps family.
Please wear your seatbelt. It may be a hassle, but SO much better than this young lady being taken way to young!
Rest in Peace Jessica.
Williamstown KY 41097


New RCA.

Heart breaking 🙁 53955

Praying for her family & that management learns to lay off the pressure not to go over evaluation. No surprise that this tragedy happened on a Monday.

Prayers. RIP. Go with GOD

Prayers to her family…RIP 🙁

Praying for the family

So sad, so young. Prayers for her family.

Our thoughts and prayers for the family!

I always wonder if the carrier was taking DPS to the street when I read these, and if so, was it because management was making them. Also wonder is she was a RCA, or regular carrier. RIP

Prayers to the family

Prayers for all involved. Such a tragic preventable accident. 37064

So sorry to hear…

So sad, way to young. Thoughts and prayers for this girls family.

So sad. Praying for her family 73716

This is horrible news. Her family and co-workers are in my prayers.

She wasn’t wearing a seat belt because she was driving her personal vehicle like thousands of us rural carriers do. If the USPS would buy us vehicles, we wouldn’t have to drive in this dangerous manner but it’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime. One of the carriers in our office was killed in a similar fashion. Our newspaper also said he wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

so sorry prayers for fa,ily

Was she driving in the middle. Or was it a right hand drive ppv? I couldn’t tell in the report… Very very sad.

RIP. Sounded like driving in the middle to me which is impossible to wear a seatbelt. Should not be a manor of delivery anyway. Such a shame.

Oh no! So young.

So sad! R I P and prayers of comfort to family and friends!

No seatbelt… So young … Sucks!! All for the job….May she RIP… Seatbelts should be required as well as Llvs to rural carriers.

So sad 🙁 more and more deaths in our job..prayers from 27205..

Driving a left hand drive vehicle from the right side is just plain dangerous. The USPS should not allow this. Very sad

Stay safe, Julie.

Prayers :'( very young


Praying for the family!

RIP… thoughts and prayers for the family

How sad. Rest in Peace.

So sad. Prayers for the family. I’m starting to see these stories way too often, which one time is too much, but everyone stay safe.

My prayers are lifted 46060

So very sad. Rip poor girl. Prayers for your family and friends. So young.