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Appointment of Dwyer to Fill Miller Seat on NRLCA National Board

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As you may be aware, Committeeman Johnny Miller has been dealing with some serious health issues recently. In order to prioritize his treatment and recovery, he resigned his position on the National Board effective November 16, 2020.

In accordance with the National Constitution, when there is a vacancy on the National Board, the NRLCA president must appoint a replacement. Article V. Section 8. B. states that, in such cases: “the President shall appoint a successor, subject to the approval of the National Board. In the event the vacancy occurs within sixty days preceding the National Convention, the vacancy shall be filled by election at the convention.”

Therefore, it is my duty to appoint a successor to Executive Committeeman Miller. The successor will serve until the end of Mr. Miller’s term, which will be at the National Convention in August 2021. After much thought and consideration, I have recommended to the National Board that former National President, Jeanette Dwyer serve in Executive Committeeman Miller’s place. The Board has approved this appointment.

Given everything that the Union is facing today, including the many issues surrounding the pandemic and our upcoming collective bargaining with the Postal Service, it was imperative that we appoint an experienced individual who could hit the ground running. I along with the Board think Ms. Dwyer fits this bill perfectly, given her extensive experience as a National Officer. She will officially start serving in the Executive Committeeman position on November 21, 2020. Updated organizational charts are linked below.

Please everyone keep Johnny, Tammy and the rest of their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Ronnie Stutts
President, NRLCA


Click here to view/download the updated “NRLCA Executive Committeeman Administrative State Assignments” document as a PDF. pdf

Click here to view/download the updated “NRLCA Executive Committeeman Area Assignments” document as a PDF.


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