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Assignment of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Vehicles (COTS)

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The Postal Service has determined that the Mercedes Metris has proven to be an effective delivery vehicle. As you will see, the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning and some needed safety features. These were tested by rural carriers who normally use their POV on the route and the feedback was very favorable. Two contracts have been awarded by the Postal Service to purchase and deploy additional Metris COTS right-hand drive vehicles.

The first contract will deploy approximately 17,310 vehicles over the next three years, beginning in May 2020 and continuing through September 2022. These vehicles will be assigned to city routes, for the most part. Contract two will allow the Postal Service to bring the fleet up to 30,608 total vehicles. This phase of the deployment will be focused on EMA Route Conversions and Maintenance Reserves over a three year deployment period (FY 2020-2022), beginning in May 2020. Most of these 13,000 plus vehicles will be assigned to rural routes currently using personally owned vehicles.

In addition to the COTS right-hand drive vehicles, the Postal Service will deploy additional Promaster vehicles to replace 5,819 Uplanders and 1,341 Caravans, some of which are currently assigned to rural routes.

Each Postal District will be receiving an allocation of these vehicles. As with the assignment of LLVs, this decision is completely up to management. Barring the existence of a 3-year waiver for purchase of a RHD vehicle, the carrier cannot refuse the assignment of the vehicle.

Familiarization training will be provided to the carriers who will operate these vehicles. Of course, this training will be on the clock.

Please see the document linked below for details on the vehicles and training.

Click here to view/download the accompanying “COTS Vehicles and Training” document.

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