At 96, Rural Mail Carrier Smashes Normal Retirement Age

TAMARACK, Minn. — For most of us, retirement will come in our 60s. But Aitkin County mail carrier Bill Onstad is anything but your average worker.

When asked how many years he’s been a mail carrier, Onstad quickly replies, “Well, that’s what I don’t know. I can’t remember when I started.”

At the tender age of 96, Onstad has been hauling mail on his rural Aitkin County route since 1969 — some 47 years.
It’s said that rain or shine, snow or sleet, nothing stops the U.S. mail. Spend a day with Onstad and you’d add age to the list.Everyday he’d visit the mailboxes of residents along a 40-mile route to rural customers around his home of Tamarack, population 94.

Source: At 96, Rural Mail Carrier Smashes Normal Retirement Age « WCCO | CBS Minnesota

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truth! 🙂

How many subs has he out lived??

Exactly my question!!!!
Why is he delivering out of the wrong side of the street

why is on the wrong side?

I applaud the mans work ethic, but this is a little ridiculous… Hhaha

What makes America great !

And the fear of death isn’t a good enough reason reason to work??? If he was legit doing his job ..then good for him. But if he came in and nothing all day ….that wrong…thete are 21 year with a family that do that… everyone has a need …you have no right to judge the validity of that need

Denise Sweeten That’s his grandson.

if you don’t like the story, just shake your head and keep scrolling………… need to be mean……………

Well he is looking good for his age!

WOW, I hope I’m not still out there at 96. But bless his heart it gave him a reason to get up of a morning. I hope the boredom and loneliness of not working now doesn’t do him in. God Bless him.

It is a contract route, 40 miles in a town with a population of 90 some residents. Don’t think there are any benefits on a contract route.

Ron, I agree that our opinions differ and that’s ok. With all due respect, no one has the right to make the decision to retire for him unless he’s no longer able to do the job. If someone behind him doesn’t want to wait, they could always seek employment elsewhere.

Not Safe ! Where is safety?

Is he delivering from the wrong side?

Stephanie Simpson we all love him to?

Yes it will. That means he still had 30 more years. He just loves you girls. He always tells us he lives the ones he works with. You all are good to him

Yes it will. That means he still had 30 more years. He just loves you girls. He always tells us he lives the ones he works with. You all are good to him

Stephanie Simpson this will be your dad!!

Dean Land you can still do it

He’s a contract employee he lost his job when he asked for a raise for serious watch the video. He did not have very many boxes

Kudos to him. The fact that he has been able to do the job for that long says a lot. Glad it’s something that gives him some joy.

That’ll be me someday

probably a hi way contract route,

wow, he has 26 years on me, he must be in real good shape

Richard Powell, are you trying to break his record? 😉

Wow. I hope we are snowbirds by then. ?

Julie Layne Brown Lisa Galloway, Ughh!! Are we gonna work til we are 96??

Ron, we all have to die somewhere! Who knows you might go before him while waiting on his route. If I knew someone like you were waiting for me to retire I’d crawl on that route everyday. Just remember you will be in his shoes someday, with a newbie waiting to kick you to the curb! Good Luck!

What do you expect, Ron supports trump.

Jesse Koleszar u r absolutely right he should only work to a certain age. That’s y there is a retirement age! I’m done with this post. U have your opinion & I have mine. U do realize he’s gonna die on his route?

By your logic Ron, one should only work if they need to and only to a certain age. It sure sounds like the guy enjoys what he does. You make it sound as if the guy is literally taking food out of the mouths of people who have not been hired yet. Many don’t stick around as it is. His work ethic is admirable. In the scenario you just described, their hatred is THEIR problem and theirs alone. It’s not a popularity contest.

Dainty Effin Flower u said it not me. I worked with an 81 year old up until about a year ago. He didn’t need to work. He had a military, postal & train engineer pension. He only worked because he felt he was gonna die if he stopped. Everyone I worked with including management hated him because of the reason I stated above

I guess you just know it all then …

Dainty Effin Flower I would. Nobody needs to work at 96. A young man/woman who’s starting a family needs it more.

If that were my dad still working would you say the same thing? Maybe he needs the job…

Jesse Koleszar and the people who take the test? There is now one less job to be hired for. Not that hard to figure out

How is he taking a job away from someone? These others you speak of didn’t have the job in the first place.

Jesse Koleszar tell that to the family he’s taking a job away from

He has every right to keep working if he’s capable. He earned the right and does not owe it to anyone other than himself to retire.

Really??? Ron, how do you know he doesn’t need it!!!?? He has earned the right to work as long as he wants to. I’ve been working for 31yrs. & I hear from the newbies why don’t you retire, we need to work? Well guess what, I need to work & paid my dues & I’ll work as long as I damn well please!

Disgrace! Taking a job away from someone who really needs one

Started in 1969. 40 mile route with a population of 96. Sounds like an Aux route.

don’t know if he’s still there however there was a man at Haysland that has been delivering mail since before 1962. He was there about 4 yrs ago..

Lol I was thinking the same

If you’re wondering how good retirement plan is. Hes working because he can’t afford to retire. Probably went regular at 70.

Thats Awesome..

He must be fired.!!!!!!

It’s illegal to drive in the wrong lane! they could get fired for that. I deliver out of the middle

He is a contract carrier he doesn’t have very many boxes he lost his job when he asked for a pay raise