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Remember rural carriers. This is what our union agreed to. There should be a mass exodus from the union. This is definitely not representing us as a group

Lawsuits will follow for unfair labor practices

Welp…5 years as a RCA. Time to look for a new job

The union is a joke. They negotiate like hostages and roll over and play dead every time they sit across the table from postal management.

All unions have strike capabilities to bring negotiations to the table when you don’t have that ability THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!!!! One sided

I think I am going to bring the USPS up on charges of rape. They screwed me and I did not agree to it. The Union is also will also me named as a participant in this rape. What a useless organization!!!!

Seriously debating looking for a new job

Let’s join the Teamsters Union

If this bullshit goes into effect there will be thousands of carriers quitting. Anyone that can retire will, as I am doing and anyone that’s young enough to start a new career should do so. It’s only going to get worse. Management doesn’t look at the people who this is going to hurt, they only care about the bottom line. As for our worthless union, they are as much to blame as management. I foresee a lot of management learning how to deliver mail. Good luck to those who have too many years in to quit and for those that… Read more »

Ok well. I will no pay no more union. I will no pay no more insurance. I will request government help. Spend 10+years working for usps wich no have respect for employee and now we have to pay postmaster general his bonus and electric car

That letter is dated April 21st and they wait until 5/5 to tell us it starts tomorrow!!

I wonder if Lejoy has to work an extra day in his pay period for 20% less money

Shouldn’t we all be sick tomorrow and Monday and all next week?

Shouldn’t we all be sick tomorrow Monday and all week ?

There are no unfair labor practices here if you are a union member. NRLCA negotiated this on your behalf after looking at all the data and assigning their own engineers to this debacle. And you paid them to screw you with the thousands of dollars in union dues they took from you! Next time be smarter! You have no representation with the NRLCA

I truly cannot understand how this got the green light to go forward. The system is flawed in so many ways right from the beginning. No one can verify the accuracy of the information that is being shoved down our throats. And what’s worse is when I ask how a mistake scan can be fixed the answer is.. it can’t! How I see the data that was entered starting March 2022? How can I make Corrections on the days a sub was on the route and forgot or didn’t have time to do all of the scans? The answer is..… Read more »

Management and the union only see numbers. EVERYONE needs to file a grievance on Monday. They don’t care about you and all the above and beyond you do

Will not be long before we see a show on the History Channel about what did an end to Rural Free Delivery As you know service begins at the bottom of the tringle and that is us -the carriers- Local management will say something to us if something is not delivered correctly because they here it from above them Other than that they do not care and the ones above them do not care at all Upper management does not care about service they just want to cut cost and that is our expenise

Just found out the second part of my route has been coded as a “phantom” route. Its another zip code and hasnt been counting any time toward my route. WTF
The only way I found was switching my scanner to city carrier mode and everything showed up as NA. This whole thing is such bullshit. Anybody that has routes with multiple zip codes make sure they are being counted.

I don’t understand how a route that has been a 46 k for over 15 years and has Not lost volume in mail and has so much Amazon such as mattress’s, water pumps, cutting torches , recliners, fridges , cutting saws plus tons of 50 lb bags of dog food , heavy boxes of groceries, power drinks etc can drop to a 42j and is 150 mile route . My route is evaluated at 9 plus hours , how can I do it in less time . I’m not stupid enough to work so hard for less pay !

This job is a safety hazard to my health. I’m losing my mind every day wondering how to do my previously 9 hr route in less then 7. Can’t say for sure if I’ll stick around.

This will be the end of Union many of us here are leaving this lousy no good Union, I hope every state follows suit. The damage is already done & thanks for nothing, I am not gonna do more work for less pay….FedEx or UPS pay better at this time & all they deliver is parcels

My son was an RCA for 6 years. He was one of the fastest carriers city or rural. He recently quit due to the toxic management and uncaring supervisors. Many of his co workers also quit. He now works at Home Depot and was recently promoted to lead supervisor of a store team. His second week there they came to him asking if he was interested in rhe promotion. USPS can’t hire and keep new hires due to lack of training, low wages, toxic management and overworking. Amazon drivers make just as much. The USPS is nothing like it used… Read more »

Everyone pull out of the union. Monday everyone call in sick for the week. This is the only way they will see how much they need us. Once they get no stop complaints about mail not being delivered. They will cancel it. We NEED to do this or nothing will happen. LEAVE THE UNION AND CALL OF NEXT WEEK!!! Please follow my office is all on board

i went down from a 47 to 41 k .. after we got or last sheet i went down to a 45. our union does suck..to me the worst part of this is the subs. im a k off 52 saturdays. i have 25 days vacation.so 77 days out of the year my paycheck is in there hands.. i havent had a sub in years.. my route is split most days im off . i can tell you the first thing i do monday is get out of the union… do you know that most of the national board is… Read more »

I’ve been a rural carrier for forty years and I run a 96 mile rural route. I have degenerative discs in my neck and my back and my hips and knees are shot. I’m retiring in about six weeks and I’m taking sick leave this Thursday and will be off until then. I used to be proud to work for the postal service, but now I feel like I’ve been used and screwed. I’m pleading with the younger ones that can quit and start a new career, do it. Don’t waste two thirds of your life working for these ungrateful… Read more »

Theres a food drive 5/13 that hasn’t even been mentioned by management. I won’t be picking up food to make the Postal Service look good after screwing us. Maybe if enough of us declined to participate it would draw some attention to whats happening. More free time for them.

Hey. It’s a lie. I checked today and from 04/22/23 – 05/05/23 we will get paid on 5/12/23 I got paid as RRECS got already in affected from 4/22/23 as 41K. I was 46K. It didn’t get postponed on 5/06/23.

Just check my pay for 5/12 and I’m paid already for the new evaluation. I thought it was supposed to be the following check 5/26
Usps Is surely on some BS

We’re not going to be able to rely on the union to get us out of this mess lawsuits will have to be filed.

In the latest issue of the union rag, our financial statement shows a 24 percent increase in the salary category for the union. Probably not the best time to put that out there given that 66 percent of those who pay dues are getting their pay reduced.

784 routes were accidentally paid new evaluations

May 6, 2023.
A day which will live in infamy.

Our union rep told us not to file a grievance because it would just sit there. Sit where? It has to go to the union anyway.

I filed my grievances on Friday.
1 mileage
2 misrepresentation
3 distracted driving due to all these unnecessary scans
Don’t complain then expect someone else to fight for you don’t get complacent they can make amendments to that useless contract that only protects management