Basic wage increase coming for rural carriers on November 19th, 2022

According to Article 9.1.A.2 of the National rural carrier contract, rural carriers will receive a basic wage increase on November 19th, 2022 of 1.3% of the appropriate February 27, 2021, salary schedule.

Will rural carriers get it on time or will it be delayed like everything else due rural carriers? We will see!!

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Has anyone else completely stopped doing all the extras because the USPS isn’t paying us correctly.I have stopped doing all hold mail. Remember, hold mail isn’t a contractual guarantee. It’s something we do out of kindness. Ive stopped holding mail. I ignore 100% of the prompts we get on the scanner. If I know your name and address, which I do on every single of my 800 delivery addresses, I knock out mail that’s addressed incorrectly knowing where it actually goes. If a box fills up over even a weekend I pull the contents, including packages, and forward all of… Read more »

I do my best every single day to give my customers the quality service that they deserve regardless of what my personal feelings might be towards the organization that I work for, its called personal pride. Others may not agree (see post below) I took this job to deliver mail over 24 years ago and thats what I do every single day, I dont think its right to make my customers pay the price because I happen to be upset about something. Returning peoples mail and packages, not delivering a piece of mail because of a bad address even though… Read more »

I agree with DB Cooper, if you want an employee with pride than pay us correctly. If you want us to despise our customers and our coworkers than make us feel underpaid and make us feel under appreciated by giving the clerks something that you just told the rural craft would take til May 2023, retropay. Also, I don’t think anyone outside the deep south bothers to learn anything about their customers, because its more about the money unfortunately than the relationships when rent is $3500 for a 3/2 home.

What is surprising to me is that I work with carriers who come in up to an hour and a half earlier than when they can clock in on the scanners just so they can get done earlier. This makes those that actually obey protocol look slower in the office. Most of these carriers have been there over 10 or 15 years and don’t realize they are cutting their own throat working for free. In order for the union to work everyone has to take a stand. It’s time to strike, not just for us but for our customers. We… Read more »

Thanks to our union we see these pay increases otherwise dealing directly with management as we see it every day it’s a nightmare to get things done

Seems like it’s time for a strike, they still won’t give us retro back pay but supervisors, clerks, and city carriers got there back pay. Union is just creating a hostile working environment. Management asks us if we know anyone that can work here… why in the hell would i recommend anyone be an RCA? Wouldn’t subject my worst Enemy to this job and I plan on getting all the rural carriers in my office out of the union not worth the money.

I had a death in the family and had to beg to get a day off. Then come back to parcels not delivered and even mail. Nothing said to sub but I was told to shut up and just clean it up. I’ve been will the postal service for over 25 years and get this. No wonder very ones leaving that has the time and age to do so. The sad part is we have P.O.S ‘s that call in all the time and their rts get clean I have only called in twice in my time and have worked… Read more »