Big Brother is watching you

Hearing news of a new tool corporate is using (supposedly) in every district.

It reports (by office) every time a carrier backs up, u-turns, left turns, deviates, accelerates too fast, brakes too fast. They are calling those “Events”.

They intend it to be a tool for the PM’s to get lists of people they have to observe daily.

Offices are rated by the number and type of events.

They intend to force the PM’s to do daily observations on the routes that are the highest hitting.

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I feel that every new mandate and policy implemented is a just another big “We don’t trust you!”. I like the work that I do and I used to feel that I was a valued, trusted employee, but not so much anymore.

I am constantly having to back up due to dead end roads, are those “Events”? If so what can be done?

What is wrong with “fast start?” If you are a mounted (city) route, hiwbfast can one go from one box to another that is twenty – thirty feet apart?

Postmasters should hire people they trust, then leave them alone. If the carrier is making mistakes the postmaster’s phone will ring.

I call this a trust issue. Let us do our jobs and leave us alone. Management needs to do their jobs.

I guess management has nothing better to do. Maybe they should trying doing their real job. I use a POV – not at LLV, what I do with my personal vehicle is my business. I do my job – how about they do their for once.