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Calls for increased rural postal service staffing grow louder

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Across the country, and especially in rural parts of Missouri, staffing shortages at the U.S. Postal Service are being blamed by some for delays in mail delivery.

Some postal carriers say the lack of staffing hampers the ability to split overloaded routes and is at the heart of the issue affecting prompt mail delivery.

Bryce Shanklin, a rural letter carrier for the Postal Service, said he understands that initially, the workload can be daunting, working seven days a week with low starting pay. However, he does not understand why more people do not stay on and commit to a longer-term Postal Service career, where the benefits are good.

“Perks are wonderful. I never have to worry about being laid off,” Shanklin pointed out. “The other benefit is all the federal holidays, ones like Presidents’ Day, most people don’t get that off. And then, your health benefits; I haven’t seen better health insurance than what I have with the federal government.”

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