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Carriers Working Over the Evaluated Hours on Overburdened 48K Routes

If you are assigned to a 48K (57:00 to 57:36 hours), and your actual hours exceed 48 actual work hours, you may be entitled to auxiliary assistance. Temporary relief is covered in the EL-902-The USPS- NRLCA National Agreement, the M-38, and the F-21. USPS Operations is developing a plan to adjust overburdened routes, but in the meantime, you may be entitled to assistance. If you are exceeding the evaluation on an overburdened route and not receiving assistance, please contact your DR or ADR.

Article 9.2.C.8

8. Overburdened Routes

a. Definition A route is considered overburdened when:

(1) The standard hours for the route are outside of the Table of Evaluated Hours; or

(2) The regular rural carrier who is assigned to the route does not, or is not expected to,

meet the requirement to stay within the annual guarantee for the route.


b. Relief of Overburdened Routes Permanent relief will be arranged as soon as practicable for overburdened routes. Auxiliary assistance may be provided as a temporary means of providing relief for those routes as defined in 8.a.(1). Assistance is provided, equivalent to the lesser of the following:

(1) The regular rural carrier’s actual weekly work hours that are in excess of 48 hours (48K classification); or

(2) The standard hours for the route that are in excess of 57:36



576.3 Overburdened Route

An overburdened route is authorized temporary auxiliary assistance to provide relief.





On rural routes where the carrier frequently is making late deliveries, or failing to connect with dispatches, or is working excessive weekly hours, auxiliary assistance may be authorized temporarily until permanent relief can be provided. Exhibit 831.I is an example of a memorandum which may be used for authorizing auxiliary assistance and ordering the formulation of a plan for relief of overburdened routes. Note: Immediate relief by use of auxiliary assistance must be provided to a carrier when the evaluation or actual time (whichever is lower) exceeds 57:36. See Part 833.



Auxiliary casing and/ or route assistance may be granted the route. Preference should be given to office assistance.



When determining the need for auxiliary assistance for· overburdened routes, both the actual and evaluated hours must be considered. The lesser of the two will be used to arrive at the amount of assistance to be authorized. Auxiliary assistance is provided for the difference between evaluated hours or actual hours (whichever is less) and 57:36.



Route 1 is evaluated at 62:45 but the actual hours are 62:36. The difference between 62:36 and 57:36 is five hours: auxiliary assistance may be authorized for that amount.


Route 2 is evaluated at 62:19 but the actual hours are 64:47. In this instance, the evaluated hours must be used in the computation, and the auxiliary assistance to be authorized is five hours (62:19 – 57:36 is 4:43).


833.2 Where either the actual or evaluated hours are below 57:36 per week, no auxiliary assistance is afforded.


Note: No EMA is deducted when auxiliary assistance is given the regular carrier

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