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Iowa RCA employee: ‘treat me like a human being’

He said that “something completely different” encompasses a lot of interconnected problems, one of which is an agency that’s understaffed. “They haven’t kept up with the times in hiring people…And when they do hire—they spend a lot of money training people, but then they don’t treat them very well and they don’t stay. And so … Read more

Rural carrier retires after 43 years of service

MOUNT OLIVET — Randol Thomas, a carrier at the United States Postal Office in Mount Olivet, recently retired after 43 years of service. “After 43 years at the Mount Olivet post office, it’s time to say goodbye,” Thomas began. According to Thomas, he has lived in Mount Olivet his entire life. He graduated from Deming … Read more

Calls for increased rural postal service staffing grow louder

Across the country, and especially in rural parts of Missouri, staffing shortages at the U.S. Postal Service are being blamed by some for delays in mail delivery. Some postal carriers say the lack of staffing hampers the ability to split overloaded routes and is at the heart of the issue affecting prompt mail delivery. Bryce … Read more

Postal Service to end evening collection at thousands of post offices

Imagine if the Postal Service announced that it would continue providing 6-day delivery to urban areas but could no longer afford to do the same for rural communities because their relatively low mail volumes don’t justify the costs. People living in these communities would undoubtedly complain that the plan was unfair, and elected officials who … Read more

Florida House panel puts muzzle on dangerous dogs after ‘gruesome’ attack on RCA Pam Rock

Rep. Bobby Payne’s measure (HB 873) advanced unanimously by the Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee, would impose new parameters on how the state handles so-called dangerous dogs. He noted Virginia and Pennsylvania already have similar laws. The bill requires the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to create a statewide Dangerous Dog Registry, which would rely … Read more

RCA delivers a bit of history

A rural carrier associate made a special delivery on Jan. 17 when he dropped a greeting card adorned with last year’s Black Heritage stamp into a residential mailbox in Chester, CT. The card was addressed to the current owners of a house that Constance Baker Motley — the legal pioneer who will be featured on … Read more

Rural mail carriers a special breed

Having worked for the Postal Service many years gives me perspective on the duties of employees in many of the craft areas. In the eyes of the public, it may appear to be an easy cushy kind of job that any idiot can do. But, they do not see all the work of so many … Read more

Rural Mail Carrier mauled by dogs in Bulloch County, GA

A rural mail carrier has been life flighted to a regional trauma center after being mauled by dogs Friday evening January 19, 2024. Bulloch County 911 operators, at 6:49 pm, dispatched Bulloch County EMS, Bulloch County Sheriff’s Deputies and Bulloch County Animal Control to a lady being attacked by dogs. The attack occurred at a … Read more

Mail carrier rescued from flash flood waters in Virginia

The reason the man was trying to drive down that road, wasn’t because he lived there, but because he worked for the postal service and he had mail to deliver. “He was working on delivering the mail. It was the mail carrier and he was trying to make some mail deliveries and I believe the … Read more

USPS Proposes Revisions to Rural Carrier Costing Methodology Resulting in Lower Periodicals Costs

The Postal Service requested that the PRC initiate a rulemaking proceeding to consider a change to rural carrier costing on November 21. The proposed revisions update the methodology for the calculation of rural carrier attributable costs to account for the new rural carrier route evaluation system. The proposal reduces unit Periodicals costs by ~1 cent per piece … Read more

Departing Bemidji postal worker documents overwhelming package volume

BEMIDJI, Minn. (FOX 9) – Long, unpaid hours and a toxic work environment are crushing employees at the Bemidji post office, according to a longtime carrier who quit last week. With his help, FOX 9 got a rare peek inside the Bemidji office to see the conditions for workers this holiday season. Dennis Nelson said he hit his … Read more

Rural mail carrier union prez says USPS needs to up wages

The head of the union representing rural mail carriers nationwide says the number of unfilled positions at the U.S. Postal Service is at an all-time high and low wages are the main culprit. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in my career,” said Don Maston, the president of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, when … Read more

‘Worked to death’: Postal employees in Missoula say workplace is in crisis

Employees of the U.S. Postal Service in Missoula have been dealing with serious issues this year, including not getting paychecks on time, inadequate staffing levels that essentially force many to work six or more days a week, poor workplace morale, absence requests being denied and high staff turnover at both the administrative and lower levels. … Read more