is celebrating 15 years!

Our Story: Not totally sure of the exact date I started The domain creation date was April 4th, 2007. I ran the website for about 2 years on a free Google website.. So this website is AT LEAST 15 years old.. You have probably heard many things about this website and most of them … Read more

Ratification meeting report by – I attended my contract ratification meeting yesterday and here are my notes It was agreed that RCAs could be forced to work in other offices, but that they are being forced now, and this will make sure they get mileage pay. It was stressed that it can only be for a full assignment, … Read more

Guidelines for Acts of God at the USPS

The Postal Service takes a narrow view on Administrative Leave for Acts of God.  They must be general instead of personal, meaning large groups of employees not being able to make it to work. See more information at the links below: 1.  Click here for Act of God information from the NRLCA 2.  Click here for Act … Read more

Submitting your edit book DOES NOT update your pay

The most important form in a rural carrier’s work life- The PS Form 4003 The PS Form 4003 contains all the route’s current, active delivery data including an official line of travel, current number of deliveries, miles traveled, authorized dismounts, etc… This form is used to update any changes that occur on a rural route between … Read more

Rural Carriers in Florida need our help

To give immediate help, donate through paypal to Also need paper towels, baby wipes, work gloves, brooms, dust pans, garbage bags, etc. Not in Florida but want to help? Here’s the address to ship any supplies to. Julie Touchton will make sure supplies are distributed. Amazon would be a great option. Julie Touchton-Rural Carrier C/O Panama … Read more

New Guarantee Year provisions important to rural carriers

There are certain rural carrier provisions that happen around the new Guarantee year and the end of the year.  I have summarized them below with links to more information.  Pay close attention to anything highlighted, or you may end up being surprised. Guarantee Year The new Guarantee year starts on October 13th, 2018. Carriers are … Read more

Big Brother is watching you

Hearing news of a new tool corporate is using (supposedly) in every district. It reports (by office) every time a carrier backs up, u-turns, left turns, deviates, accelerates too fast, brakes too fast. They are calling those “Events”. They intend it to be a tool for the PM’s to get lists of people they have … Read more