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COLA Roll-in For Table Three RCAs/RCRs

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In accordance with Article 9.1.F, roll-in of existing COLA for RCA/RCR employees on the rolls prior to August 11, 2012 will be implemented on August 4, 2018 (PP 17-2018). The roll-in amount, ($1144) is the amount equal to the COLA paid to full-time rural carriers under the 2015 Agreement.

Straight-time hourly rates will increase by .55 cents to $22.36 for Table Three, Schedule 1 employees (hired from 08/24/1991 through 08/10/2012), and $26.14 for Table Three, Schedule 2 employees (on the rolls prior to 08/24/1991). This change will be reflected in paychecks dated August 24, 2018.

In lieu of COLA, the hourly rate for RCAs hired on or after August 11, 2012, included additional increases of 1.0% effective November 14, 2015; 1.0% effective November 26, 2016; and 1.0% effective November 25, 2017.

Updated pay schedules will be posted at www.nrlca.org and included in a future edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier Magazine as soon as they are available.

Click here to download the Table Three: RCA-RCR Straight-Time Hourly Wage Rates Schedule.


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