Coming Soon – Joint NRLCA/USPS Safety Teams

You may have noticed teams that include a rural carrier and manager coming to local offices. This is part of a newly created joint initiative between the NRLCA and USPS dealing with rural carrier safety. These teams go to offices to evaluate the safety of the office and talk with carriers as to any unsafe conditions on their routes. The team will then go and look at the condition and report back to the district safety office with recommendations to alleviate any problems that they find.

These teams are not designed to “catch” carriers working unsafely or for disciplinary purposes. They are strictly designed to help find and remedy unsafe conditions. Each rural carrier was selected by the appropriate District Representative.

The D.R.’s then help to monitor the program through monthly meetings with the teams. Each district has begun this program and it is fully endorsed by the NRLCA. Hopefully each and every carrier is doing their best to work in a safe manner.

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They don't care. They are looking to write anything we do 'wrong' in their book to show they are doing their 'job'. They have been to my office and wrote down what a city carrier was doing. I thought they were supposed to be for rural carriers.

I dont buy for one minute they honestly care if we are 'safe' or not….*they* talk the talk but dont walk the walk. As long as they continue to allow us to drive in those LLV (aka: death traps) that continuously break down…we arent safe. Especially when they break down when it is 110* outside (and waiting for an hr or more for replacement) or in the middle of a 6 lane road (where the cops block a busy road so they can push you out of the way) . I agree…just some other excuse for someone to jusify their… Read more »

So true ^^^^. There is nothing safe about the way I work in my CRV, but they could clearly care less. Am constantly amazed how we're expected to contort ourselves to drive, get out to deliver in hard hat areas, negotiate unsafe stairs with bulky packages, etc. You can bet I have an earful for any team that comes to my office, not that I expect results.

Such a farce when you are okay with carriers delivering out of LHD vehicles. Never ceases to amaze me.

They picked union favorites

Govt waste. If postmaster s did their jobs corectly and really cared about safety there would be no need for these teams. All it does is give both craft and managers a chance to get out of their office and feel important.

yea,..they had a meeting in our office already….how did they pick WHO was "on" team?….

The reason I brought it up? Signed by both USPS and NRLCA members.

I'm not sure about safety teams, but when the last route went up for bid, there was a "clause?" that said that if the residual route vacancy was at a station with FSS, there would be no promotion of RCAs. I cannot find a copy of the MOU anywhere online.

That's what they said about QWLEI also but it worked in our office. We have had the team come to our office, I didn't see it as a waste of time.

Why have them when they aren't going to take what the carriers tell them and do something constructive with it

waste of time and money…we are supposed to have safety teams in all PO's…rural carrier/city carrier/ clerk and a management member, why spend extra money for extra people to go around and do nothing.