Contract negotiations update

Back in December of 2018, you were notified that NRLCA officers have continued their efforts to reach an agreement on the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement with the Postal Service. The parties have held several meetings, the most recent being this past week. The Union has clearly laid out a number of important, substantive proposals that, in its estimation, must be included in any agreement in order to be ratified by the membership. The national board will be meeting this next week to consider what is currently on the table. At that time, we will have a better picture of whether we are heading towards a fair and just negotiated agreement or whether we are looking at the possibility of impasse followed by mediation and/or interest arbitration. There is a lot of mis-information on social media about the status of our contract. Please be advised that the membership will be notified of the final decision by your national board via the NRLCA web site.

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Get rid of the 2nd pay chart it’s not right when someone get’s hired 6 months before you and there making 10,000 more a year when I’m doing the same thing a bigger route more package’s is this not a equal fair labor law

It must be difficult to negotiate when the union has already “sold out” new employees to a 2-tiered pay scale ?. What ever happened to equal pay for performing the same job? The time is NOW to right this wrong!

UPS just got its drivers a new contract that can pay them almost 90k a year! UPS driver don’t sort, mark, or load their packages. They only deliver. We do all that and more most days. After the 2 tier scale started we now start at 42k and top out at 55k. Doesnt seem fair that we do 3 times the work and they get 3 times the pay. Supervisors dnt need 60k to micromanage us to death. Start paying us a competitive salary as well.

Wow!! I suppose I am really late to the ballgame but i just discovered this information. I have oft wondered when, if ever, I would receive a COLA increase. It appears the answer is never. Statistically RCAs have a very high turnover and consistent wages would have to be the leading reason in my opinion. Every employer, as well as every fixed income program in our great nation, allows for a COLA increase yearly. Except the RCA position in the USPS. I have no issue with tenured employees having higher earnings, however it would be much simpler to give longeveity… Read more »

Yes we are underpaid and under appreciated…most of us want make retirement simply because the work load is heavier and packages have tripled! Our bodies will be riddled with ailments!