Contract negotiations – Very brief update

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How about including us in the good neighbor next door program that fire fighters, police personal,nurses, and teachers qualified for on their mortgages.

How about including proposed legislation changes that allow the US or postal employee rural drivers to import RHD vehicles that are actually SAFE and AFFORDABLE for us to use? The emissions laws forbidding this as a whole can be understood, but for the small percentage of work force who require this for safe working conditions, this is NECESSARY!! We are stuck with a dwindling supply of uni-body, rusty, unsafe vehicles. The fact this hasn’t been addressed yet is incomprehensible to me, many others, and leaves me wondering who the heck is in charge of the slow-boat to get anything done?… Read more »

Get rid of the 2 pay scale system. I love my job, but if I was on the first pay scale, I wouldn’t be looking for a second job to survive. Pretty sad that we can’t make ends meet these days working for USPS. I would hate to leave a job I care for cause I could make more in so many other places. Many are doing 15 an hour mininum wage, yet we are not far off.

Is anyone’s office proposing trying implement a “two tier carrier” system? Our office wants to bring half the rural carriers in at 5:00am to begin working their mail. MGMT wants them out of the office by 7:30 when the other half of the carriers come in and use the same route case. The deal is they want to use MAGNETIC CASE LABELS. One side will be for the 5:00am carriers. Then, they will flip the labels over where the labels will be for the 7:30 carriers. The reason for all of this is to eliminate half of the route cases… Read more »

PLEASE keep up with the times Amazon package delivery P.O. does not have the vehicles or enough man power to deliver the high demand the P.O. has to provide their workers with vehicles to accomdate the ever increasing volume making 2 trips now and it’s not even the holidays

Get rid of the 2 pay scales! Same duties, same expectations, same contract… why am I making so much less???

When are they going to let carriers buy back thier sub time ?