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Customers praise rural carrier for help on slippery day

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Rural Carrier Stacey Dolan was delivering mail on an icy day last year in Litchfield, CT, when she came upon two customers in a moment of crisis outside their home.

One had slipped and fallen and couldn’t get up, and the other was unable to assist.

Dolan rushed to their aid and safely helped the customer stand.

The duo later mailed a card to the local Post Office, praising Dolan as “a marvelous person and a fine example of the Postal Service’s dedication to the public.”

“The customer could have been lying on the snow-packed frozen ground for quite a while before someone recognized there was trouble,” said Litchfield Postmaster Gary Stocking Jr.

“This is a small example of Stacey’s grace and the way she performs her duties daily.”

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