At approximately 5:00 P.M. today, Monday, March 20, the NRLCA was notified that because of system issues, the PS Forms 4241-A could not be generated. This will cause a delay in RRECS implementation until at least April 8, 2023

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This sounds familiar! Wonder how many years we have to wait this time! Where the f*** is our union!!!😡😡😡😡😡

Not surprised one bit. Zero trust in this whole system.

Should be the USPS slogan.🙄

This whole count should be thrown out and delay the implementation until after the next count. IMO

Really 5pm. Everyone knew there was issues when it was not ready when we walked in the door this morning.

They still better unlock the 4003 on the 8th. I have growth. Over 40 addresses since it was locked.

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Bunch of crooks making us carry all this shit for not enough pay !!!

Can’t even get this on time but yet we must trust to evaluate the routes right

The NRLCA is trusting that RRECS (that is maintained by this same IT team) has recorded the correct data all year? Even when it is implemented, I highly doubt it is correct.

After we get the results, the NRLCA should do a normal 2 week count to verify that RRECS data is reliable.

Continuing to just put us off over and over and over again. Never anything getting done. No one ever knows what is going on. Ask your boss a question they must call 10 other bosses and none of them say the same thing. Problem is at the top carriers and clerks are working their butts off for the American people while the union and management just sit on their hands. Oh we will get ya next time trust us. Yea right!!!!!

We have no way to verify anything about our route evaluation! This whole system needs to be tossed in the garbage.

The union stopped this implantation for over a year by filing the grievance process so that means the PO has had an extra year to process this! Total BS!! They need to back pay us!! My route will go up at least 4 hours and we all know that’s why they are doing this!! To avoid, as long as they can, having to pay!!!!

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Exactly how can we verify any of the information daily. Why is it that I am tracked and monitored every day held accountable for information I’m not even privy to not only that It also is my livelihood. I don’t know of any company anywhere that literally you can lose thousands of dollars. Every 4 to 6 months not even sure anymore time frame but not be given the numbers and how they reach their conclusion in this long enough to know I’m not in the best interest, my well-being, my financial status, nothing. I just want to get paid… Read more »

We have absolutely no way to verify that anything they are telling us is accurate. We can only assume that they are telling us the truth. Well I wouldn’t believe them if they told me the sun was shining. I’ve been with these lying bastards for nearly forty years. They spend every day thinking of ways to screw us. I know people are mad because they think their routes will go up. Well maybe they will and if they go up an hour then your happy but what if it should have went up three hours. They are still screwing… Read more »

If it is implemented on the 8th. We should be owed back pay from the 25th
Let’s see if the union will do anything.

Do you really think that ur routes are truly going to go up they are trying to find a way for us to all lose but to what point before we quit. This is my only job where management has all the control over what I make no matter what I do. I truly think that the p.o. wants us all to quit so they can hire new people at an even lower pay. With the boarders wide open that would be easy for them to do. The way management lies to us can we really trust what the say.

There has been a lack of communication from the time we got the new MDD scanners. USPS management has not worked out the bugs 🐜🦗🦟🐞🪲🪳🦗from these devices that determine our compensation. My MDD has gone berserk more than once, including a time I was in the middle of delivering an accountable to a customer. The straight-line pinning at the point of delivery is counter-intuitive. A fairer system would credit us for the trail of breadcrumbs we leave when delivering to the customer’s door. During the mini count we weren’t allowed to include 3rd-class letters in undeliverable DPS. Yes, let’s reset… Read more »

I’m going to stop paying union fees. This union isn’t looking out for us. I heard we can’t file grievances. I’m also looking for another job.

Smart move, Chito.
You have figured out the most important thing about the union: it exists to take care of its administrators. NOT YOU.

just got the news today my route is going from a 47k to a 42j thanks to this new count. One of the largest volume routes in the office. Not much has changed on it in the last few years. Slightly less mail volume. Still average the same number of parcels. over 900 stops, 5 businesses, 3 with pickups, 14 hardships, still have amazon and ups loading us up everyday. This is nonsense to be making 12grand a year less and have a day off taken away. You think you have a hard time keeping people employed and finding people… Read more »