Dispute Resolution Process for RRECS Evaluations via NRLCA

NRLCA and USPS are working on a dispute resolution

Carriers can file a grievance but they will be held until the dispute resolution is complete.

Dispute Resolution Process for RRECS Evaluations


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I quit.

I feel bad for the people that has too many years in to quit and those that don’t have enough time in to retire. I’ll be 62 in less than a week and I’m getting out. I would like to work a few more months but my route went from a 44 k to a 43 h and I’m not working a 98 mile route 6 days a week. So the US POSTAL SERVICE can kiss my ass.

We should all go on strike.. United we stand divided we fall. WE make this company money and now they want to cut us . I was a 45 k and now I’m a 41 j. I’m losing 8k a year and have to work two extra days . In what world does that seem fair. Where the F is our union. I honestly hope the post office goes under . They way they treat their employees. They should feel ashamed

I went from a 46k to a 45J. My MRA, minimum retirement age,is less than 4 years away at age 57. Anyone born after 1970 has a MRA of 57. I lost money and 26 off days a year. No frigging way Im staying past my 57th birthday. I live in New England area. Boston Strong !

News coverage. The only news about rural USPS these days are towns not getting mail because of how badly this craft is treated. Now that 66% of carriers are thrown under the bus, being told “its on them for improper scans,” I imagine there has to be a decent percentage of carriers leaving. The last two years, because of no subs, I’ve worked a mandated 6 days a week without a chance at one day off. Union is obviously garbage and they know that and played their hand. We lost any power without the ability to strike. Tell the media.… Read more »

I went from a K-47 to a H-42, so I have to work an extra day per week and still receive five hours less per week.

When are they supposed to tell us? Am i suppose to ask my PM. or supervisor, or is it on lite blue somewhere to look?

49 to 42

I went from a 39h to a 31h!! That is an 8 hr drop! a $10,000 pay cut! not to mention its impossible to do! It takes just over 5 hours a day to drive my 106 mile route which will leave me roughly 9 minutes to sort and load my mail each day!! WTF they have lost there mind.
Why does it always feel like usps management work for a competitor trying to put us carriers out of business!!!
And the Union is an F-ing Joke!
Adios USPS I am definantly quiting!!!

Went from a 48k to a 44h. the 4241s have so much incorrect data on them. I am so close to telling the post office to f*ck off at this point.

My husband is a rural carrier with 25 years on the job. He lost 1 1/2 hours a day, $155 each pay period, $4000 loss per year! Since Amazon package delivery began, everyday has been Christmas! He has more packages than he’s had during Christmas! He goes in at 7:00 am and gets home much later than the 4:30 pm end of his paid time. He has given so much extra to deliver for the USPS and to service his customers. Instead of commendation for doing his job well, he gets cut from 9 hr. to 7 1/2 hrs per… Read more »

if you all say strike ya’ll clearly have never read your contract.

From 48k to 43j help.
$11,000 loss/yr
Something has to be done! Lack of communication and totally in the dark in my office anyway.