Election Results: 2022-2023 NRLCA National Board

It is with great pride that the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association announces its newly-elected National Board for the 2022-2023 Association year:
  • President: Ronnie W. Stutts
  • Vice President: Donald L. Maston
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas K. Turner
  • Director of Labor Relations: Bridget Boseak
  • Director of Steward Operations: Shirley Baffa
  • Executive Committeeman, 4-year term: John Adams
  • Executive Committeeman, 3-year unexpired term: Jeanette Dwyer
  • Executive Committeeman, 2-year unexpired term: Patrick Pitts
  • Executive Committeeman: 1-year unexpired term: Nicky Phillips

Election Results: 2022-2023 NRLCA National Board


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Wonderful! Are any of these clowns actually going to do positive things for rural carriers? Table 2 pay is a joke. No update on back pay still? At least they delayed rrecs so we can continue to deliver Amazon for free. I highly suggest leaving the union until they start improving things for rural carriers.

May God be with us! Keep your eye on the prize! The Son!

Thank you Rural Carriers for voting these clowns back to National Office. We managers at the Postal Service have made a game of screwing Rural Carriers and your National Board has helped.