Engineering Panel Update: Comments Have Now Been Submitted by the Parties

Pursuant to the July 3, 2012 MOU on the Evaluated Compensation System Time Standards Project, the NRLCA and the Postal Service have an opportunity to evaluate and comment on the Industrial Engineering Panel’s Final Report on the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (“RRECS”), which it issued on October 31, 2017. Thus, on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, the Union and the Postal Service each submitted detailed comments to the Panel. The NRLCA and Postal Service each put forward over 20 comments that addressed a number of the Panel’s findings and recommended certain adjustments, additional analysis, and other actions for the Panel to consider. As part of this process, the NRLCA and the Postal Service also had extensive discussions about the Panel’s report and, where the parties agreed on issues and proposed solutions, they developed joint comments for the Panel’s consideration in conjunction with the individual party comments.

In accordance with the MOU, the Panel has ninety days to review the parties’ comments and to issue a final determination. The Panel may involve the parties in further discussions on the outstanding issues, and if necessary, that deadline may be extended.

We will update you with any developments here.

Engineering Panel Update: Comments Have Now Been Submitted by the Parties

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When do we get to review what comments were made by both parties?????

I would still like to see the over 20 comments as well…

I too, would like to read the comments!
I’m hearing that our union leaders are now back-pedaling on their original statements, that we are going to come out ahead when this is all done. I’m also told, both sides are trying to negotiate multiple parts of the findings. Why do the study if you’re not going use the final results? This was ordered to be completed by May of 2015, yet they’re still dragging it out and will probably sell us out in the end.

Sounds like it’s going to be an endless cycle of comments and reviews