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Family and friends remember Pittsylvania County mother and rural RCA, Brittany Cioffa, at vigil

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Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a concerned party asking for a well-being check on a friend at 17133 Callands Road in Axton.

Just after 1:10 a.m. Monday morning, deputies forced their way into the home after not receiving an answer and found a Brittany and Thomas. A firearm was discovered near the bodies. Investigators believe the two were home alone at the time of their deaths.

With the reality of Brittany’s death still sinking in, dozens of her friends and family members came together to remember her life.

“She was very understanding, there wasn’t anything that you could tell her that she couldn’t try to make it okay, she was never judgmental.” said her friend, Ginny Haynes, who organized the vigil.

Brittany’s aunt, Melissa Moore, remembers her niece as a loving mother who’d do anything to help someone in need.

“She knew that everybody had faults, as well as herself, but she tried to look beyond that and pick good qualities and focus on those things about people.” said Moore.

This case, regarding the cause and manner of deaths, is still being worked.

Family and friends remember Pittsylvania County mother, Brittany Cioffa, at vigil

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