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Family of mail carrier killed in dog attack speaks out, demands accountability

Pamela Rock fatally attacked by dogs in Putnam County

Pamela Rock was airlifted to a trauma center, where her brother Tom Rock rushed to her side.

“She had lost one arm and part of another leg,” he said. “Her face was mauled. Her face was mauled, ear was torn up, all of the horrible things that would happen if you were attacked by wild animals.”

Pamela Rock died the next day.

Her siblings are determined to get accountability.

“How dare someone just blow this off and say, this isn’t important, this wasn’t really preventable? And it was, and it is, but nobody’s doing anything about it in Putnam County,” Tom Rock said.

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D. merritthew
D. merritthew
6 months ago

The dog owners should be charged with manslaughter. The police not holding the owners criminally negligent is a miscarriage of justice. Shame on both. I hope the family sues. I feel so sorry for her family knowing she was brutally torn apart to death. Where is the outrage and justice?