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February 3-9, 2024 is Relief Carrier Appreciation Week

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The delegates at the 2018 National Convention passed a binding resolution stating, “That a week during the year be designated as Relief Carrier Appreciation Week.” The NRLCA National Board has designated the first full week in February (February 3-9, 2024) as “Relief Carrier Appreciation Week.” We ask that you join us in showing our hard-working leave replacements that they are an imperative and essential part of the rural carrier craft. Their dedication and commitment during this challenging year has not gone unnoticed.

In truth, we need to appreciate the leave replacements in our offices every week throughout the year. 2020 brought numerous challenges, including a global pandemic, natural disasters, and a never-ending stream of packages as online deliveries soared to new heights. Relief carriers play a vital role in the rural carrier evaluated system, now more than ever. They work seemingly endless hours to help the Postal Service thrive and provide much-needed relief to regular carriers. As this holiday season draws to a close, with a record-breaking number of parcels delivered, now is an especially good time to thank our leave replacements of all designations throughout the country for their support and hard work! We appreciate you!

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